Recipes for your Thanksgiving leftovers

Butterball's Nicole Johnson swings by with some great ideas for preparing and storing Thanksgiving leftovers
3:28 | 11/23/18

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Transcript for Recipes for your Thanksgiving leftovers
The. It is one of the most delicious problems on this day after what to do with. All those leftovers into joining us this morning with a fresh ideas is butterball cynical Johnson a call. Good morning good morning I'm glad answers yes yes I sure do the number one question and we gave it day after Thanksgiving when I do with those leftovers right now okay. Cell right here we have Bob delicious breakfast for tat it's one of the many recipes even yet. Com op are butterball dot com website we have a butterball cookbook plus added to free download. Hundreds of recipes on the air a lot of these recipes though I'm not just for Thanksgiving or for the day out at her recipe you can use all year round. So these recipes includes Turkey ranks nation that's assuming you have not seen my family eat that there's let them that there is less clear exactly. That would necessarily be the case in my fair but by the lot of people look at exactly fair now. How long silk. Some folks would have like leftovers frozen for a year how long can you can even warm that style they play. Come from a refrigeration standpoint ideally you wanna use those leftover Turkey compressing bad news or containers and into it three days but she'll coral. You want longer storage it will deathly happen in the freezer up to two months. Okay okay gives a little bit longer stored fat OK right into the new year yeah there were talking earlier about how Alexa hope so too with. The process of cooking how does Alexa help bout with. The leftovers. Today yes. Now it's another way you can actually get our recipes you can simply say a lack fat ass butterball and shall give you recipes okay amazing. Had we don't listen to reduce. Distract. Elects and a cast on her home for recipes. Welcome back to butterball I bet we got better planning preparing. Cooking or injury a Turkey clips help it. Leftovers. That's a great questions that you ask. And your hand or your leftovers are safe to eat. Leftovers in separate containers within two hours of cooking. Crystal asked about treating the refrigerator and don't forget your free Turkey before that. For leftover recipe inspiration visit butterball dot com. Thank you I'm so another study. And talking Turkey who will who's just let it was a stranger we're having this there is sketchy news has seen other person that's listening ears. Important to wow OK you calculate. Learn it quick message is that except one of those this conference calls that used to get pregnant. The party line and back in the ninety's you oh senate. That's their idea anyways and yet I figure out what to do they're definitely aren't keeping baffling Regis at 1800 butterball you can send a single me out. Chat taxed in Germany say tax you can text us your Turkey question what Everett won't be running attacks doing cancer back it's only up for now that you're also on Tinder. That's us. Then I got up to our criteria and that sense that's why pray for those ray Brent Atlanta. Hi Nicol Johnson thank you for joining us thinking. Glad to loosen.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Butterball's Nicole Johnson swings by with some great ideas for preparing and storing Thanksgiving leftovers","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59371662","title":"Recipes for your Thanksgiving leftovers","url":"/WNN/video/recipes-thanksgiving-leftovers-59371662"}