Remembering Carl Reiner

Celebrity pals like Steve Martin and Mel Brooks pay tribute to the late comedy legend. ABC’s Will Ganss reports.
2:16 | 07/01/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Remembering Carl Reiner
Things are going to start happening to me that. Carl Reiner is the guy who made things happen in the world of comedy. For Steve Barton and for countless others writer getting his start and Sid caesar's Your Show of Shows. Yards. Cesar later writing that Reiner was quote the best straight man I've ever worked way that's straight man taking his comedy chops to team up with Mel Brooks. The two winning a Grammy for their 2000 year old man albums now honoring his pal on Tuesday writing. Whether he wrote or performed he was just your best friend nobody could do it better. And they didn't. Writer creating a TV pilot called head of the family yeah. Which ended up getting a new name an Indian star making big fat guy. It became an instant hit. Writer producing and acting in the show for six years alongside Dick Van Dyke then he's switched to directing films like oh god and several movies for Steve Martin. Who paid tributes Reiner on Tuesday tweeting. Could buy it to my greatest mentor in movies and in life Marten also adding quote. Co writer taught me many things about life but he also taught me how to turn one slice of toast into teal. Most recently rider returned to acting in the oceans movies which is supposed to walk out of there with a 150. Billion dollars in cash on this and was a force to be reckoned with. On Twitter just days ago the 98 year old sharing this video titled disc that's from quarantine and shouting out his. Powell Mel brooks' growth and single moms. Cloning human being that rumor Houston and even more recently than that recognizing his late wife who proved comedy was a family affair. I'll have what she's happy. That tweet reading I have lived the best life possible by having met and marrying big gifted as stealth Stella Le boast. Who partnered with me and bring in rob any and Lucas Reiner in today's needing an evolving world. Carl Reiner with 98 years old and when he was asked how he'd like to be remembered he said he hopes he made a difference and that he made people laugh. Mission accomplished mr. Reiner and what a lot of people would agree with yet different what alive for the legacy thank you will.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Celebrity pals like Steve Martin and Mel Brooks pay tribute to the late comedy legend. ABC’s Will Ganss reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71550175","title":"Remembering Carl Reiner","url":"/WNN/video/remembering-carl-reiner-71550175"}