School Superintendent to Teachers: Wear Underwear

Little Rock School District's dress code requires teacher to wear underwear and bras.
3:00 | 09/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for School Superintendent to Teachers: Wear Underwear
Charts -- -- we hear a lot of dress codes being drawn up for kids -- -- -- -- worth my while times are very controversial students like push the envelope. Now we got to dress code for teachers. Drawn up by a superintendent. That's raising some eyebrows so -- kinda weird how -- little -- school district's new superintendent doctor. -- Dexter sons are raising eyebrows with his new dress carry a four page document areas he's come up with it. And the number one thing that's. Make people go what is he thinking is that that all teachers must Wear underwear. Underwear is part of the formal dress cut. Underwear what's the strange thing he says that it's not written in in in response to any specific incident he just decided to make addressed. Have to Wear underwear. You also. Never work clothes -- rolled -- an. Verizon the banishment of spandex leggings and hip hugging jeans. -- -- anti -- teachers are required on a happy medium between excessively tight pants and those that are sagging so mom -- Yeah -- you have to Wear shoes. -- those underwear -- -- a lot of people knew enough to think happy about the dress code and it's it's puzzling sense. Wear underwear yep the Wear underwear -- and you should really be that I now I am only a game I do need to start -- -- right here. -- kind of -- that -- really start to haven't made it for me for. That -- back I didn't take without really cool new York city police officer who also happens to -- single dad. I'll -- himself look to the 2013 Camry back in March just so happened to become -- fifteen million US purchaser of tailored after. The area is with a guy he bought it from and he was surprised because not only did they come by and family barbecue completely and expected to hand and paper his Toyota Camry. They also did this take -- What we're also gonna give to you today just to say thank you as a brand new 2000 seam -- -- Yeah. Holy. You know good. They -- single dad might indeed to any year veteran of the -- Obviously struggling debt they had a hard time finding him they finally did -- NYPD as well as his sister nobody in the family knew that they were coming back with us. That only happened on TV where you get the -- prize veterinary Internet customer fifty million customer in this case are low clearance bridge. Trucks go on the road back to come see -- -- and they could become notables. A look back and smiled a little mom taunts that he put on you don't and don't try to embarrass and Xena Durham, North Carolina -- and he again he. Keeping track and this is coming -- and there's a lot of them. Right every town has one.

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{"id":20205680,"title":"School Superintendent to Teachers: Wear Underwear","duration":"3:00","description":"Little Rock School District's dress code requires teacher to wear underwear and bras.","url":"/WNN/video/school-superintendent-teachers-wear-underwear-20205680","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}