Search for tiger on the loose in Tennessee

It began when a sheriff’s deputy said he saw what he believed to be a tiger. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.
1:57 | 09/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Search for tiger on the loose in Tennessee
We turn out to the big cat mystery in Tennessee sheriff's deputy near had not still believes he spotted at tiger wandering through. And industrial park ABC's Andrew for GE has more on the search overnight. Overnight a frantic search to find a reported tiger on the loose in Tennessee. Is there any animal control unit and candidate how about what they are America. At least two unconfirmed sightings of a tiger now have authorities working around the clock it all started Wednesday night when a Knox county sheriff's deputies said he saw what he believed. To be a tiger walking out of the French broad river and then disappear into the woods. Then Thursday morning another unconfirmed sighting of a tiger. Does that Hank Aaron in my backyard. An all out search for the animal included a helicopter with thermal imaging authorities combing through thick foliage and a trap filled with rotisserie chicken. After a few hours the trap was retrieved but no bites and no sign of the suppose a tiger. The local zoos in tiger sanctuary say all their animals are accounted for so it's unclear where this one possibly came from. Meanwhile another animal on the loose in Tennessee a pet a wallaby which are legal to own and the state. But the director of Tennessee's humane society says the state has a serious dangerous exotic pet problem. A pet wallaby running loose today in washed me county and it tiger reportedly spotted in Knox County are the latest of nearly two dozen incidents since 1992. Like in 2017. When a pet monkey escaped from its owner and spent two week in the trees of Knoxville before being captured. This is an ongoing issue forcing let me ask you don't. Claim ownership and a lot of incidents of mr. It is illegal in Tennessee to own a tiger without a proper permit. If it's caught it'll be taken to a wildlife agency called tiger haven. Kenneth Mona. He thinks he Andrea.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"It began when a sheriff’s deputy said he saw what he believed to be a tiger. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72946194","title":"Search for tiger on the loose in Tennessee","url":"/WNN/video/search-tiger-loose-tennessee-72946194"}