'Sky Surfer' revealed

Meet the man spotted flying over Times Square on a hoverboard. ABC News’ Will Ganss speaks with him.
2:34 | 06/23/21

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Transcript for 'Sky Surfer' revealed
It's a bird. Cursed a playing. Are you the green goblins from Spider-Man Yasser not. Coming soon and now I've always wanted to be disagree here are growing outside comments by a different character for that one. The man behind the mask hunter cult law. Videos of his flight thirty feet overtime squared going viral I think it's in everybody's dream to fly since they were a little kids has been impacted product line averaged just years now the 28 year old who studied engineering and Matt they UNC Charlotte. Recently put the finishing touches on what he calls the sky surfer listing consumes 15100 answers current. That's a lot of power it's about eight townhouses all running at the same time the perfect amount of power to race a Lambert Dini. Or you know pick up a happy meal on the roof of your local McDonald's. Partially controlled by a hand held remote. The sky surfer was total lead built by hand. Thousands of hours of work according to hunter with safety as a priority. People see it they think all maybe that looks a little and say but. I actually secrecy and woods as I'm standing on the ground especially once had a proper training. In fact to rotors can fail and hunter can still land safely. Does that operate like it sent later like jet ski so essentially on snowboarding. I am that dancing with my right arm and and I'd and by left arm and I'm coming around so little bit like all of those things that once you get the hang of it is so intimidated and he just he's so like calm and relaxed is absolutely amazing. I don't know I would Amber's described calm and relax it's creeping aegis it together but it sure right now hunter is the only person in the world with the sky surfer aircraft. But he has big plans for the future. That it loves using using like emergency situations you can use and lifeguard in the use them all over the place I think for most people that wanted to recreation British it is definitely still funding to play it. So what exactly was hundred doing flying thirty feet above Times Square this week he can't confirm anything concrete. Except he does tell me that he will eventually have a quote surprise piece of content coming out with Jay bell bend and screw elects you'll. A laurel. He's got to be a component of social media or some kind of hey Dave dominant skeletal take it over you know Tom Cruise and a Mission Impossible situation less than. And Martin that flight it first.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Meet the man spotted flying over Times Square on a hoverboard. ABC News’ Will Ganss speaks with him. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78437706","title":"'Sky Surfer' revealed","url":"/WNN/video/sky-surfer-revealed-78437706"}