Throwback Thursday: Benihana At 50

Take a look at the spectacle and fun of a meal at the Japanese Hibachi restaurant.
3:25 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Benihana At 50
-- throwback -- they were taking a visit to one of the most popular restaurant chains in America -- cultural phenomenon. Bedding products starter right here in New York City fifty years ago. It began in the heart of Manhattan in 1964. -- to dinner this theater not far from Broadway and celebrities in. Fans flocking through the -- war on those hot -- American flavors -- player chefs feed shrimp and steak. Fascination with the. This man who's responsible for the most successful oriental restaurants in -- twenty years if he -- -- orient people. -- GOP is the brains behind the brand centric descended of the samurai who came to the US as a wrestler. Boosted the business selling ice. He was saying hot air -- as a speedboat racer car racers have quite the entertainer in his own right. He'll he had an outsized influence evident in -- ever popular table top shelf five decades nuns who went in its place on TV. In the movies here in Beverly Hills ninja. And rapper young -- and finding inspiration that shrimp -- show. For channahon the song. Anything skateboarders making the restaurant -- popular on the streets. To -- But the real dry after fifty years is still those tricks which -- learned aren't as easy as they look. Yeah. Planning volcano you can. -- -- try again to. I promise. -- Your candidate for the trip from -- in the they go. Today at a -- fans that's beside the point. Millions still coming back for a lesson or laugh on birthdays anniversaries and special occasion. So. -- -- little butter and garlic. -- kind of grown in the details in my -- And we don't have anything else here we and -- -- footnote the food oh -- well did you meet him. Now we can -- any -- that was so fun you know they gave me a certificate. As a master -- -- -- but I got to take a -- founded in filling my name critics look at didn't I'm glad I don't I -- merge with day. I didn't. Which. Which chef Andre enhance up to shut -- he really is a pro there they trained for months. To get this thing right what was the hardest part about learning. Well -- shrimp -- flips they spend a lot of time doing those I don't think I got a single one of my hat at the end there had -- lifted into the hat but. Check about you can actually beat the shaft that that -- hunt and they give me give lessons if you're really into this. I gonna take my last words that I went anyway and even lessons do you wanna try this at home Wednesday advising against it and that 500 degree -- looked good for them and good for Iraqi will be relieved to hear --

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Take a look at the spectacle and fun of a meal at the Japanese Hibachi restaurant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25064425","title":"Throwback Thursday: Benihana At 50","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-benihana-50-25064425"}