Throwback Thursday: Disneyland Turns 59

Celebrate the opening of Walt Disney's dream amusement attraction.
3:56 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Disneyland Turns 59
-- this makes the roll -- spending this morning marking a big anniversary in the history of our parent company. -- think it was exactly 59 years ago today on July 17 1950 -- That Walt Disney himself opened Disneyland in Anaheim California there is right there -- Mickey Mouse making a big entrance and what an opening day it was broadcast live on ABC. The event was hosted by Art Linkletter and Bob Cummings. Joined by scores of celebrities and dignitaries. 20000 guests won't -- the realization of Walt Disney's dream. And -- Also precedent hosting duties there -- future president. Ronnie Reagan come on end. And how about that thirty years I've been better and up to -- -- morning openly say that about me -- Business hours rant today though it certainly is and right you be your first job is down -- in the town square well right out in front of the depot yes for the main street in the great so we have lots to do get bit me OK the long -- thanks for coming out. Incredible video from the ball Ronnie -- they are joining the hosting teen. Of what was at the time the biggest network telecast to date now for some fun opening dates back Serena. -- from groundbreaking to opening day Disneyland was built an exacting 3365. Days and is it looks hot here in the video -- it was the temperature at the park was a 101 degrees you can. See there just about everybody though dressed in their Sunday best there are men in suits and ties and women and -- -- and girls and -- -- And it also -- to say opening day was into the disaster. Half of those 28 -- gas used forged ticket. And all -- snack cart actually ran out of food -- capping things up there was aghast sleek and fantasy -- and a plumber strike even forced Disney to choose. Working bathrooms over working drinking -- figured thirsty -- Could always buy -- Pepsi cola. And again did he opened the park too early women -- high heels into the -- spot on main street. Which had been made that very morning lots of folks in the ground there are moving ahead to today all those problems safely behind it. Disneyland all 85 acres -- it welcomes nearly. Fifteen million visitors a year that averages out to more than 40000 visitors a day. One of the most recognizable landmarks of course -- the entire park. Sleeping -- castle sporting a composite French and that vary -- -- from the Middle Ages you see it behind us it's the oldest of all the Disney castles. It reaches a height of only 77 feet but for some clever engineering it's designed to appear a lot taller. It's also the only give me castle with a functioning drop origin side. Displays tell the story of sleeping beauty. But there was another classic Disney attraction of course pirates of the Caribbean debut in there as well that's -- was the last flight which Walt Disney personally supervise the construction and when it opened in 1967. Pirates of the Caribbean. Used me -- human skeleton that's -- it was provided by the UCLA school of medicine and the skeletons were later returned to their countries of origin and given a proper burial but they're still said to be one real skull remained there. Who ski and a few more fun facts about Disney land at least at last count. Three babies actually been born inside the park -- an actress Elizabeth Taylor rented out the entire park for her sixtieth birthday. Feral cats live there that naturally keep down the rodent population. Club 33 restaurant looking -- in New Orleans square is the only location inside the park. We can actually purchase alcohol but it is a private club. And there's a ten year wait list for membership and the term used by employees for when -- guest throws up -- a little grocery. -- was called the code V it was formally called though a pro team spill. And and that's it for this week's throwback Thursday.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Celebrate the opening of Walt Disney's dream amusement attraction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24594848","title":"Throwback Thursday: Disneyland Turns 59","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-disneyland-turns-59-24594848"}