Throwback Thursday: The Super Bowl

Take a look back at highlights and great commercials from the previous 47 games.
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: The Super Bowl
Almost got me off guard -- -- for a throwback Thursday Kobe continue celebrating all things suitable this morning we take a look at some of the greatest Super Bowl moments throughout the year as we begin with a classic play from eight classic -- -- -- guy that owns more Super Bowl rings but you might know him best as the co -- -- fox NFL Sunday. Before that though he was one of the game's toughest quarterbacks. -- that Terry Bradshaw pass to his favorite receiver Lynn -- -- a 64 yard touchdown pass. That bomb right on the money. But Bradshaw never even saw -- that's because right after he got the ball off he was hit hard and knocked out of the game with a concussion. But still went on to win it by scored 21 to seventeen I want you guys are watching the game I'll be sitting back waiting for the commercials many years there have been some amazing -- absolutely and some of the best ads -- in the game and the products they advertised. But his 1979 classic from Coca-Cola could Mean Joe Greene. -- -- So OK you can -- it. No other theories you can yeah. Okay. This okay. Out of seventy soundness out of sugar after Madden in on the field really -- -- -- around. Look at that he drains the whole bottle in one -- The kids like -- may have some right he tosses the boy he's dangerous. This. Right -- that's the moment right there everybody wins. -- -- Another classic -- adding from the 1984 Super Bowl titled appropriately 1984. During Super Bowl eighteen it's considered one Ramsey -- -- of all the time and introduced the apple Macintosh. Personal. -- -- this was revolutionary -- was an ad directed by Ridley Scott and after the ad aired. Apple sold 72000. Computers and a hundred days 50% more than predicted a lot less than we would expect today. Yeah definitely on the right now what is -- Super Bowl without the halftime show you know during the first decades of Super Bowl halftime entertainment usually consisted of watching them marching band -- -- concession stand firm of them beards yeah. Right but then came the ninety's and the first contemporary musicians play the halftime show. -- TV the New Kids On The Block second. I'm she spent -- apartments excitement that. Doesn't stay -- the week marked the tenth anniversary of one of the most unforgettable Super Bowl halftime moments. You know not be. There it is -- and all its glory you remember the moment Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson for finishing up -- UST JT's song rock your body they had -- -- -- moves -- lyrics going and then boom. Part of June's output. Yes it doesn't that turn wardrobe. Malfunction was involved men but you don't have to be an actual musician to make Superman music. You just have to have confidence and -- swagger case -- -- the 1985 Chicago Bears and there Super Bowl shuffle. -- -- -- -- -- They hit song back in the game are feeling I still -- all the work. Thing is that this video was actually released. Three months before the bears took home the win in Super Bowl twenty would you say they had a little bit of confidence I think yeah -- down. The latest international and every -- to be I decent men. I really am I not a moment in Super Bowl history but surprisingly. -- pretty NATO now it's the after game plan for the winner take a look. Sands you've just won the super -- what do you do next. Yet there's still -- New York Giants quarterback after his MVP performance in Super Bowl 21 in 1987. -- The first time America heard the catch phrase Disney to -- company and ABC. Reportedly paid since 75000. Dollars for those famous six words remember when he said it was so natural. I'm in Atlanta -- and it. It is selling enough money well spent and it didn't check.

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{"id":22294592,"title":"Throwback Thursday: The Super Bowl","duration":"3:00","description":"Take a look back at highlights and great commercials from the previous 47 games.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-super-bowl-22294592","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}