Top toys for sleepovers

The Toy Insider's Ali Mierzejewski swings by with a stack of fun gear sure to help kick off your little ones' slumber party.
4:05 | 05/13/19

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Transcript for Top toys for sleepovers
Saying you know the school year is winding down for millions of kids across the country which means we're about to usher in sleep well first season with good luck actress at this morning are toy insider Alley merger ski. It's here with this year's hottest toys to keep those kids distracted. And up all night up on the yeah so what did you greatly Q I have a whole bunch of toys that kids whole bunch of kids can play with to OK so let's start over here with a fun karaoke activity. This is the V tech kitty stack karaoke machine it comes of this night that has the speaker on it you can hook up your own I've iPad iPhone device to play your own music art had built in music but the best part about it. Is that when you turn a nun. It has this Disco ball behind it. Little late as they well all of a sudden that the club has been a bit mean you can have a full party. And it's also. Of course is volume control on it and we'll go educated guys. Annex something of a fun activity this is the growth -- lab from themes and asthma okay and it's hold science kits and actually learning when their when their me I'll see you got any good indicated that an educational. They did mix together the ingredients but them these malls and and they get this gummy candy that they can actually eat baking heat they can -- they can add citric acids so it's our Demi isn't how much sugar. How much are. Much. It's me that's not picky EMI Johnson is made with ingredients from CB actually oh yes how significant it. The next that we objects close which are great they're like puzzles that you can see each of these pieces are exactly the same things in different colors they look like regular puzzle pieces. But once you build them up they make these dirty pieces that you can place so it's kind of like works of art. And yes it's dates together really well. Now it comes with two and a packer three in a packed a bunch of kids can play at the same time and they have these great patterns instead of instructions and these are really small satellites and occupy it also are alive yes hello to keep them very bit cooped. I'm now move on to some games because games in the best part of this we have monopoly cash grab a few have picked that up. So acute Angelo this up but not monopoly cash and look at this banner to see who's going to be the one with with. Last array yet look like yeah they're fun and you just pull on the trip. And the monopoly money and you can even put chance Qaeda in the pan flying out in people try to grab an uneasy easy and the yeah grabbed the most cast the end yeah and I'll keep it didn't I sorry that's about it. It's an independent I'm glad accidentally will strategy we have the past acts of cats and OK dozens loves and has Holly's gonna progress that cleanup. It doesn't accept it so. It's easy to clean up you beetle loaded back in you can play again could it. Silver and other. Next up we have pinball from buffalo games this is a classic retro looking pinball table right. So works exactly the same without the electronics. You can use the paddles you can launch them from the back. And then and set a bit keeping score itself Biddle duke lives that these little crevice dismantle. And say it's from that Clinton keeps it cool. Yes and it's really ready yet. I think you did didn't get it did not just real quick go ahead. It's a ticket got some work to get he had I'm practice but that's okay. Last but not least we have the just myself Chris nine's Julie studio yeah I love this because you can just pretty much open us up in a whole bunch of kids can make different bracelets and Hillary it's got letters and it's making me personalized friendship bracelet a fat and it got everything you need from the beans and the different kinds of chords and strings so they can make whatever I think they will be busy all summer. Sure yeah resentment in these and other sleep over toy ideas visit the toy insider dot com. As all of our website W and in fans back comet toy insider editor in chief Alley rumored Justine thanks for joining us thank you for having me you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The Toy Insider's Ali Mierzejewski swings by with a stack of fun gear sure to help kick off your little ones' slumber party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62999210","title":"Top toys for sleepovers","url":"/WNN/video/top-toys-sleepovers-62999210"}