Toronto wins NBA title

The Raptors defeated the Warriors, 114-110, in Game 6 to win their first-ever NBA championship. ABC News' TJ Holmes has the details.
2:58 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Toronto wins NBA title
Did you watch the I'm NBA finals last night you know I did not yeah. And we've gotten covered apparently. The raptors are making Canadian baseball. They're making. Wait. Yeah did you date in a guy again I've been working on this look at look at apparently they've been making bats well in Canada great again. I doubt I've even went at it like an exact. Sounds. Money I forgot the land you forgot to live. We do begin with a new champ in the NBA. Canada's largest city now own the league's biggest private Toronto Raptors are chance for the first time in team history. They held off two time defending champion Golden State. 114 to 110 to win this final in six games. The win set off celebrations around Canada and at Oakland and that is where ABC's TJ Holmes has a wrap up. Yes the Toronto Raptors have now home Dunn would no team before them had done. And they have brought. BA championship. North of the border for the first time ever. In what was really an exhilarating night here at ORACLE Arena and what is the last time we will ever see the Golden State Warriors. Played in this arena was wondering with the fans were engaged they were standing up for almost a 100% of this game did knocked it down. If they close game throughout. To these warriors who have been wounded and have absolutely good dismantled. By injury. Klay Thompson. Go down with a knee injury in the third quarter. And the war is still had a chance in this game stepped curry got a good look in the closing minutes a moment of his game it didn't fall butchered of the rental property raptors. Behind the Y Linden who of course is your finals MVP who put on any record. Official performance throughout these NBA finals he is during BA finals MVP and the Toronto Raptors. And that they had the earth still celebrating you see a little behind me you can still milling about lot of interviews going on I have to assure you that is. It's soaked with champagne have been doing interviews with a lot of the players they sit here there's so punitive paid. In doing the moment doing they can't wait to get back to Toronto for those fans as Jurassic Park have been partied all night. First ever championship. For Toronto first ever for. Canada so we hope you spoke to you soon with Toronto Canada regret proclivity of but it. Yes a big big night for Canada and a lot of people that are trees and yet over there in Oakland. Big night for Drake as looks and I'll agree to begin late. Always mention Drake also the last game in that auriemma. Bear in Oakland and so are there with a lot of back and forth in this game I watts said it was tied it was closed. Seth Curry admits that final three I'm and even I know nothing and still sunny side yet now got to be how so yet but time. Big congrats to the Toronto Raptors act.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The Raptors defeated the Warriors, 114-110, in Game 6 to win their first-ever NBA championship. ABC News' TJ Holmes has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63709251","title":"Toronto wins NBA title","url":"/WNN/video/toronto-wins-nba-title-63709251"}