Toys for Halloween

The Toy Insider's Marissa DiBartolo shows some scary toys just in time for Halloween!
3:42 | 10/15/18

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Transcript for Toys for Halloween
We are just over two weeks away from the scariest holiday of the year and helping us and her kids. Get into the speaking spirit is a new crop of this year's hottest Halloween toys joining us now is toy insider Norris and DeBartolo. Listen good morning good morning at this even to be spooky re absolutely anything and I love your script by the way I'm not. So won't consider what we have here asked them where do you start with that claim mobile take a long haunted house and I love this because it's a great place that encourages kids seeking their imaginations right you got tons of accessories. Little vampire figure a monster even in that sign says. And parents will love that everything stories right inside and it will close up and you got little easy carrying amounts to taking on the death slowly off them. Great for cleanup kit absolute stored all in the past you have to Stephanopoulos pieces. So this is my one of my favorite because of the game is called evo high in the whole family can get in on the fine. So we've got a little grim reaper here and every one gets to Kandahar we turn this time. We'll have to try to pull out of the Kandahar without every parent seeing asking you have to kind of hide from him along the whale season and admiral Karen. As the game goes on. If that is safe and it could not cut and eventually Andy Kaufman will open and our little skeleton figure will pop out and tell us is that what. How can I send it is fight another day fervor for the whole family school age kids yes absolutely. Thanks to remembered being underlings from last year one of the hottest toys this is brand new it's called untamed and these are skeleton team wrecks that you know I assume this is. We've got doom and gloom here and we slip this on our fingers. How could have it's quite her anxious to get you in the holiday spirit which is great and he's even glow in the dark. So that's another added feature that got over forty sound in Mosul Connolly goes yeah. Cairo classes is really mean Mac Gray's book love that solidity really until recently Halloween themed toys that kind. The trend that we've seen this year especially because parents are looking for those alternatives to candy ray and diesels last way longer fitness absolutely. Forget says this is called smash chairs series too gross masters and I love these because they look like little creepy eyeballs. And then inside as a little hidden think you can hear rolling around there and I have to do is smash these open or not doing any Jack let's do it again. The director don't forget just how is now fifth so inside you're very little hitting gross smasher collective also as into the grossing can be held in front me and what that they love getting aren't surprising unity given something they have no gimmicks inside ruling in the Condace now Nash's nose and that show fun. Company he's cute little could be prize are called galli isn't really turn them on they respond to sound so when you clap. Or you yell at baton. They get there could happen to them though Voller on the table as you he'd be telling you basically Pacific. Really new areas cynical it together and there are ten different ones to collects a lot of different colors to choose from. You may retail Foss advocates. Ari and then finally we have Butler is funny and ugly monster is that he's got there really cool. Friendly version of bugs he couldn't hack crack down. Creepy and cute weird kids love them and I looked unhappy yet cozy and they have those bike heat that almost look human. So there's two different sizes advocates can choose from in each one comes with an adoption certificate because when you get your father. There's no train back. It's perfect if all that being cuddled profiler gab all right think so tourists so these are great thanks for having me often toys you can check out these toys and more of this year's. Scariest toys at the toy insider dot com and Allah on our website W and and fans dot com. Toy insider Marisa DeBartolo thanks so much for joining us patent reform right.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"The Toy Insider's Marissa DiBartolo shows some scary toys just in time for Halloween!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58504732","title":"Toys for Halloween","url":"/WNN/video/toys-halloween-58504732"}