VIDEO: 'Lifestyles of the Rich ... and Kendis': $20 million apartment

ABC News' Kendis Gibson tours a $20 million apartment in one of New York's most iconic neighborhoods.
4:20 | 10/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for VIDEO: 'Lifestyles of the Rich ... and Kendis': $20 million apartment
Return of life and it's. Candice and the pauper. So it's a return all because we've been cooking up some new adventures. In this morning we're taking you to one of the most iconic neighborhoods in America to see what it's like to live in a place. I'll frankly never know. Or be able to afford. It is one of the most desirable neighborhoods and all of New York City. Clones of celebrities have homes including. Former world news now and her legend Dick Anderson Cooper yet somehow they allowed me to check out a lavish pad here this apartment. It's supposed to be Kate. This is New York mega realtor Jonny Gomes business partner with my good friend records echlin. Barrett I digress welcome to bridge lanes penthouse 78. At twenty million dollars into relative steal more than 4000 square feet four bedrooms four and a half bathrooms. And endless views of the Manhattan skyline. All right enough daytime star games in time to check out this duplex. Sell well. While pretty impressive right to secede let's start off in the kitchen and got an open kitchen which is what people like is it has a sort of traditional field. But our contemporaries and on the same time it feels. Water. While it looks very like it's very welcoming and look at this. I think this is what they mean when they think dining hall trust. So then I think that it opens up into this really beautiful living room and get this is how people want to live today he'd be dying and then it went into your living. Who didn't face the home and if I make myself I hope they cut. Oh wow. How about then you'll solve that home. The second living room which you know this is really more like to formally room that sort of more cozy. You have a fireplace is. Would for. Nice time. You've got the city that lights up behind you but you have this thing could vault outdoor space I mean why. It's really super rare to have this kind of Xperia outdoor space yet another terrorist in the home yeah we're just getting on her. In the middle of downtown. While and its wholly private. And there's so much to look at death according to the star Matt Susan Sarandon is right over there and Matthew Broderick. Our there I had just loved the view. What I love about this face up here in the outdoor space is that you have this efficiency kitchen do you know what's my favorite part about this fateful. That it comes wit. Irvin all it athletic really you got a good. Got absolutely can't make a good Manhattan in Manhattan without a suburban. So come on in the mouth. The fixtures every day level look at this terrorist end and other terrorists and you've got so much to look at all the way to you can see everything from here. You see down the road trip. So one clause here which is urgently needed shopping that hit. The building itself has insane amenities including this proof that would make Michael spell. It is home to a ton of A list celebrities so naturally I felt right at home. Can only imagine what Arabs and. Partners. Thank you. You're he's. You've taken it to a whole new level now on that note really I feel like I don't want to overextend might well though maybe this is where I they care you get take a lay away plan. To think there connect. I was only kidding. Did he honestly had no idea that we were gonna order dumb. After the placement through did and I just talked to John yesterday he tells me that the place is under contract. Us today. Otherwise we were good about it he thank you thank you I own it now. Or does Michael Phelps on it now some race with me the photo really was. Olympian. I don't think so looks upset he looks alluded defeated Anna.

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{"id":50555019,"title":"VIDEO: 'Lifestyles of the Rich ... and Kendis': $20 million apartment","duration":"4:20","description":"ABC News' Kendis Gibson tours a $20 million apartment in one of New York's most iconic neighborhoods. ","url":"/WNN/video/video-lifestyles-rich-kendis-20-million-apartment-50555019","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}