Weekend Rewind: NRA Convention

A look at the top news stories that made headlines over the weekend.
2:59 | 05/07/18

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Transcript for Weekend Rewind: NRA Convention
These are nothing sacred and apparently. It is Monday which means there are few things to get you caught up on things got a little bit messy on the racetrack and we said goodbye again to a familiar face at ABC hits. And now offering your first weekend rain wind and play. Next to Dallas where the NRA is holding its annual convention the first since the shooting at the high school board went outside and dueling protests. A rally for gun reform led by a Portland father. And at one point go to reform advocates facing off against gun rights advocates alike think about. Running over her life. Florida seniors at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school celebrated their problems Saturday night less than three months. Remember gum and walk into the school killing seventeen people the seniors. Honoring one of a classmate eighteen year old meadow Pollard one of the more senior that medevac would make pink left. Officers flooding Southside of Chicago heavily armed seizing evidence patrolling with canine search for gunman who shot ATF agent in the base believe me you'll not get away miraculously the injured agent expected to fully recover. New reporting that president trump. Knew about the payment to stormy Daniels to ensure her silence all the continue to say he knew nothing about it. Get me. W I. It's me you'd take a look at what I said you know back in particular you'll see what I. Gloria Williams coming face to face with the girl's biological family before she learns her fate and never meant to hurt you anonymity closed to any. Any hate. Any at a that 52 year old awaiting her sentence. After pleading guilty to posing as a nurse and abducting newborn come I am mildly from a Florida hospital in 1998 confusion and heartache fourteen. Torn between two Pham. And -- Kentucky there was little choice yesterday. I guess who want justify predicted by mapped out splash good way to victory. Into the dirt and also in the derby history the National Weather Service. Declaring it along with Sam Champion. The wettest. On rent. His last morning with us I know he weekend I I wore dark suit. You're alone you can always wears. No matter. Good morning as we aren't all the way I have. I'm on the tissues it hasn't so much fun it's not over. Sam is saying in my biggest share is saying hello ginger returns to GMA this morning after being out on the turn it would welcome back to welcome back ginger of course she had the. It'll be that way miles and and band and the rest of the gang are happy. All right that's it for this half hour.

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{"id":54985018,"title":"Weekend Rewind: NRA Convention","duration":"2:59","description":"A look at the top news stories that made headlines over the weekend. ","url":"/WNN/video/weekend-rewind-nra-convention-54985018","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}