Weekend rewind: Thailand cave recue

Take a look at the top news stories that happened over the weekend, including the efforts to rescue a Thai youth soccer team trapped in a cave.
2:43 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for Weekend rewind: Thailand cave recue
That's like the quiet storm on the right storm. You need to yeah it was a busy week for the news with some very happy news for those boards in time picking continued to. An outlet and illicit look at it apparently happened it. Eleven American accent the that you move across the poem. But whatever it here's your weekend realizable. I think it's good morning I'm Dan Harris in New York alongside policy terrorists were breaking in its it network programming to give you the great news that two of the boys from that cave in Thailand have been brought out. And they are alive and they are being brought to the hospital right now we don't know anything about their condition. But we've seen this frenzied activity here just outside that check what behind me but a thousand yards up that dirt road is the entrance to the Cade heard. Matt and James talk about how the weakest have exited the cape purse but certainly those families have been waiting for days and weeks. To see what the status of their children if at all are here until with tears of joy awaited but there's some good news report here on this story that the world is. Want to jump administration is scrambling. For more than a hundred separated children under age five the top administration. Is now asking the federal courts for more time among them. Sixteen children who have not been matched to their parents. And as many as nineteen others whose parents have been released from custody their current whereabouts unknown. This issue has brought the department of immigration and customs enforcement under sharp scrutiny. We will never. Abolish the minds saint tragic visual reminder of exactly what can happen on these fires continued to burn. Wildfires raging across the scorching hot west tonight at least thirty fires burning in nine states. California sun soaked terrain now on making tinderbox. In Chicago and anti gun violence demonstration not shut down a major freeway in this to be thousands of people marched onto the Dan Ryan expressway Saturday. But some American Marco you may call her the duchess of Celtics legend Gelman she is settling into rural I think getting rave reviews as the newest royal but some. Are you doing something a little different now she's getting some grief for apparently starting to sound a little bit more British. My in my hand my. Koznick finally send home what I'm mostly sand. True to typical valley girl accent. Flight it's like at all did you think he's he's. It's okay you it's sounding a little Brit and that's our look whether Hillary would ever chicken dinner she wants it touches his intentions were there was yet they're not the accident.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Take a look at the top news stories that happened over the weekend, including the efforts to rescue a Thai youth soccer team trapped in a cave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56450487","title":"Weekend rewind: Thailand cave recue","url":"/WNN/video/weekend-rewind-thailand-cave-recue-56450487"}