'Weird Al' Hits a Career Milestone

For the first time in his career "Weird Al" Yankovic scores a number one album.
2:51 | 07/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Weird Al' Hits a Career Milestone
Time now for the -- topping -- Our headline this morning a career milestone and an honor for an unlikely superstar that's right -- I -- had said that in his wildest dreams. He ever expects to have a number 1 album but this morning he'd this. -- out new album mandatory but is number one on the billboard -- it's the first. For the king of parity. Out for barely a week his new videos have already had. 46. Million that. Well outreach across the pond a different kind of victory for another -- that's -- -- has won a five figure settlement against the British paparazzi who she says snap pictures of her two year old son. During private moments that had nothing to do with their public. A professional engagement and those included some of the boy's -- I'm still moments such as his first family outing at its first trip to Cleveland. The -- lawyer -- radically sad that her son must never be public property. For standing up here at home another singer. It denying it she traded. Sex for success despite what a song on her new album suggests glad I don't -- tells complex magazine that she did not sleep her way to the top of the music industry. The 28 year old singer tells complex magazine that she did to sleep with a lot of back. But none of them none of them helped -- her record in which she says it is and it's a quote but no idea of a man. Okay. -- -- celebrities showing not. That's right during an appearance on Entertainment Tonight to promote his new movie guardians of the galaxy. Actor Chris Pratt couldn't resist showing off one of his many man talents by French rating there of one of the -- -- So I like that here it's very nice very nice so while you're doing that tell -- about Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park it's really plays like a sequel you know plays like Jurassic Park -- twenty years after the first one. Ten of them break preparing -- -- not yet you didn't hear any. Because a real man knows how to French perhaps a little land and Brad had previously were -- about his hair -- skills on -- -- grant to know he's got skills and adults -- All right that netted check out who's blowing up the birthday candles today topping that list of celebrity birthdays -- -- -- on -- Michael Richards insisted I Wonder Woman Lynda Carter. 63 and still looks fantastic and. -- that Jennifer Lopez 45. Bad bad bad Elisabeth -- third 32 happy birthday to one and all you like -- Loved that he's one of the best parts of the.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"For the first time in his career \"Weird Al\" Yankovic scores a number one album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24690609","title":"'Weird Al' Hits a Career Milestone","url":"/WNN/video/weird-al-hits-career-milestone-24690609"}