Women Journalists Pay Tribute to Barbara Walters

Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer and others joined Barbara Walters at her final taping of "The View."
3:58 | 05/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Women Journalists Pay Tribute to Barbara Walters
Right -- check out this video this morning ABC and fever pitch for Barbara Walters last official day -- cap. And often nearly fifty year career nearly four decades at ABC the broadcasting legend got a surprise visit from Diane Sawyer and makeup -- before final taping up. This episode of the view and she got an even bigger surprise outside that dressing room. All these other women who came after -- on the shelf waiting in the wings as well as some other television giants including Connie Chung Jane -- and of course Oprah Winfrey. Actually -- Barbara -- emotional as she introduced the dozens of female broadcasters from all different networks and they all. Posed for pretty incredible -- check out Katie Couric Joan Lunden. NBC's Maria Shriver Kathie Lee Gifford Savannah Guthrie CBS's Gayle King just a few of the legend who joined there Diane Robin cohosts of the view. And that its power summit right -- -- -- here's another special moment for Barbara. This image with all ten of her view cohost Meredith will be Italy says Starr Elizabeth joy and Rosie deadly share in -- wow what. Pretty cool stuff I -- celebrations and going on strong here at ABC today -- will be on Good Morning America and of course on her final episode of the view. And then tonight -- two hour special Barbara Walters her story. Featuring one of the biggest collections of celebrities never crammed into a show will start at 9 PM. -- move on now we can all breathe a sigh of relief to Jay-Z -- -- family -- appears to be over. And how they've finally broken their silence for the first time since we saw that video salon is going after her brother -- hotel elevator. In a statement Jay-Z and beyoncé and her sister's salon -- Say this -- tough problems and we're no different and quote. They say they work through their differences and have moved on but they did not mention what led to that display let's call it a motion. Yeah wasn't would you call a display of emotion. -- -- -- He little bit just -- just about. Find another Hollywood power couple right now word this morning that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or about to pull the old switcheroo. At a couple it was expected to get married may 24 in Paris. But we're now hearing that the ceremony will actually take place -- -- sources tell Entertainment Tonight at a pre wedding dinner is still set for Paris. And -- AA rule that no fly their gas to. Florence and private planes -- Actual ceremony and confirmation this morning from the bride or groom to be but Kardashian tweeted last week -- let's hear from -- please don't believe nonsense. We'll know that clothing from the discount store to love this guy and of course it helps that it say beach bikini models. Let's but it modeled by modern family star -- -- -- at this picture is being used to promote the sexy Colombian line of clothing for Kmart. It features animal friends like the -- -- here with lots of bright. -- -- tell you I was fan of the Soviet government I don't even I am a fan that embarrasses the spring -- the time to Wear the bright colored sexy clothing she also says every woman should also have one piece bathing suit for those days when they don't feel very sexy and more spending the day at the beach with their kids or just say -- pepperoni pizza. Not a -- but that. That tension -- that for the -- -- -- I agree. -- summoned do you -- one parent. This woman is -- incredibly talented in so many ways it's just wonderful to see that. You know what it's taken a while but she's finally making it and she says -- Finally let's check our Friday roster of celebrity birthday. Got a bunch -- this morning. Sponsors -- -- 61 years old today looking great -- reality star Kelly -- turns forty theory stories spelling. Turns 41 years old. And actor -- -- The road east. -- is 24 years young today happy birthday -- that.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer and others joined Barbara Walters at her final taping of \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23743898","title":"Women Journalists Pay Tribute to Barbara Walters","url":"/WNN/video/women-journalists-pay-tribute-barbara-walters-23743898"}