Carlos Pena Vega Says Goodbye on DWTS Finale Part 1

Carlos Pena Vega says his goodbyes after being eliminated in the first night of the "Dancing With The Stars" Finale.
3:34 | 11/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carlos Pena Vega Says Goodbye on DWTS Finale Part 1
Time now of course were the speedy and topping our headlines this morning the leaderboard just got a little. Lighter on the first night of the season finale of Dancing With The Stars the final form work. Pulled out all the stops performing two separate dances including the all important free style before the final elimination. Carlos. And win. It has been like changing. It was so much stronger. It's an amazing friends. Most importantly like I've learned so much about myself and. Carlo has been a vague actually earned perfect scores after three rounds in last week's show that leads of course. Mindy early Nick Carter Alex are brought us to dance for the mirror ball wrote. Trophy. Tonight for some last second some great performances it's it was so much fun to watch and there was so many tents that were being there were just being doled out by the judges and they've really all that step up their game this is not my favorites this really bad. Beautiful one into the weekend via. What saved by a fan HGTV's target Los. Who host flip or flop with his wife Christina is crediting an eagle eye view or from Dallas with saving his life. She wrote into the show urging him to get a lump on his neck checked out by doctor the 100 out to be an arson that lump turned out to be cancer. Laura. Her. There's David Wright agreed and we are so thankful our car so glad you made it. You know I know. There are not to elegance Taylor looks really good based Orion that we caught the cancer before it spread they removed my thyroid and am cancer free. I'm officially a survivor. Thank you so much for that and I even audio value Hollywood never even known despite that feeling I'm pleased didn't mind. I think you lately. Oh my gosh how incredible look at this the diagnosis. Was actually two years ago to park is only sharing. His story now has cancer now in remission viewers we always pay attention what you have to say. Most of the good stuff. Next an amazing story about President Obama it was this past summer when mr. Obama stunned the world during his eulogy for pastor killed with eight others. In an allegedly racially motivated church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Okay. It is really really. It. Its really. There's. Now all I did well he sounded great in his sentence for instance and Al Green insightful. President Obama's heartfelt words will now be the centerpiece of Pope plays. New album head full of dreams along with guest singers. Beyoncé no Gallagher and told load. That album set for release on December 4 and finally. Amazing grace of Christie Brinkley and push this avenue of morning show but she has this. Live old jaw dropping photo of herself that he it's a grand yesterday the 61 year old stunner is on vacation with her kids. In Turks and caicos she is however shared her beauty secrets in her new book timeless beauty. Which is now available. She always looks great she doesn't she's ever looked good genes are good doctors I was asked these questions could she. Nebraska never escalated that I ever vets at the cook.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Carlos Pena Vega says his goodbyes after being eliminated in the first night of the \"Dancing With The Stars\" Finale. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35386000","title":"Carlos Pena Vega Says Goodbye on DWTS Finale Part 1","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-carlos-pena-vega-goodbye-dwts-35386000"}