Jennifer Lopez to Sign Las Vegas Residency Deal

The superstar is reportedly set to ink a deal to perform at The Axis at Planet Hollywood.
3:16 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez to Sign Las Vegas Residency Deal
Time now for the skinny and topping our headlines this morning in the brand new headliner in sin city cut about. Britney Spears. Is currently performing kinsey report fielding offers. A whopping 350000. Dollars lap or shell which until now. Clothes more than Britney. But let's not get to me how about. 475. Thousand dollars. Her show almost a kind of money TJ and I get her world news now he says almost homeless guy like your definition of almost. This puts are now thousand dollars per show let's spend Celine Dion has been doing well up there for awhile now not something for anybody. Two years' work. They're all we make and sell between 26 and 33 million dollars those who work if you. Did you know whenever feel bad about that because they never pay taxes like 50% or something right and so felt little does it. And we will sleep will move to Google's yeah. Hitting report into the so what do you cats it looks like yeah Jenny from the block may be singing. I'm so fans say did get fans agree have a new engine ahead some new way. Address that dress up in his. Yes he's barely been including two million on a new plays in New York thanks 6200. Square penthouse apartment. In Gramercy Park now we would joke about his earlier it's actually not too far who are currently live but he is worlds apart. Good time blocks apart worlds apart bit four bedrooms six and a half. Fed head has freedom square feet of outdoor space to levels of terrorists while wildly to croquet pitch also putting dry up there as well wow that. Block long building which has only four apartments. Also comes as another feature high powered neighbor Chelsea Clinton who along with husband mark and their newborn daughter Charlotte. That you get hid crying baby is newborn the next half we've we all would next study like god took a major area of extreme comeback. It's been nearly thirty years since Peewee Herman went on his big adventure and now. Actor Paul Rubens tells Rolling Stone magazine a new movie is set to be made next year. No clearly tells you about the spots but room and so Rolling Stone it's going to be amazing is less feature film was 1988. Picked I think we. And finally some celebrity breakup news at Busch car dash is hopeful court sessions he's a good about staying together and their marriages. They've been trying she's been trying to your divorce from a former NBA star Lamar Odom. The driver ten month of just what problems can't find a man. Literally she can't track him down to sign the divorce papers she filed a year ago. Us magazine reports she can't get in touch with and he refuses to sign papers like TJ said one and in owed m.'s friends tells the magazine that he's. Hoping for reconciliation. Appears unlikely apparently. That now for was blowing out the birthday candles today. That's up regardless of birthdays million soccer star Pelé turning to people. Eagle legal Eagles Nancy Grace 55 when Al Yanukovich. Wouldn't it could decide to go and actor Ryan Reynolds thirty any big happy birthday when an off.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"The superstar is reportedly set to ink a deal to perform at The Axis at Planet Hollywood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26393726","title":"Jennifer Lopez to Sign Las Vegas Residency Deal","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-jennifer-lopez-sign-las-vegas-26393726"}