The Wraith Black Badge sets a new standard for Rolls-Royce

In the latest edition of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Kendis," ABC's Kendis Gibson tests drives the $350,000 Rolls-Royce.
5:20 | 03/23/17

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Transcript for The Wraith Black Badge sets a new standard for Rolls-Royce
That grand master flash say about a new Rolls Royce and they just forget it take the train and you did not pull up minerals writes this morning. I did take the train it will cut there's a very good reason for that because I didn't drive a Rolls Royce in the latest edition the lifestyles of the rich. And the poplar. Yeah. He. EEE. K he's gonna come and ask you your favorite overnight anchor and grammar. Since this is what we're talking about OK guys let's get to work very quick but c'mon. Campaign boulder was awkward. So here it is the newest unease in the furious car from rolls right the black bad three. After that an American is my opportunity to redeem myself. Front of the company's North American to visit our. So much for that embarrassing to hold my guide us through this means. But with the president pleaded a message he's we'll there's. Okay. The canvas that was bigger for a spent absolutely delighted would you you've got seconds. For the sake of variety. Hard. Kidd is gonna. Close the door and rolls you press them but not open the door but more bought of course that's the effortless way to me. Back W turnarounds NG investments that are absolutely companies afford guard Kendall. Let's start remembers. And I tell you that I'm not insured. Eventually go. And because let's face it my last test drive I wrecked car. What. Since its inception more than a hundred years ago Rolls Royce has pretty much set the bar when it comes. Luxury cars and this is the new and a younger paper snapped jedi or urban clientele. And those with deep pockets deep people lock into a show. Just feel like I'm gonna walk out we have some of those yes we have some people would spur of the moment fires and I want this car and they walk away with a car. What are they called Jay-Z and beyoncé. In the badger retails for around 400000. We added. Dollars Canadian dollars and no I'm afraid US dollars did they take a payday loan. I feel it came in a music video. Floor like they've got a billion dollars. Sorry we're used other groceries. What makes this all that much different that much cooler than. What were used to black bad she is now physically see and hear more assertive. Told us public read what do you have any good April pulled up to colts. By favorable terms of a long way from the grateful on days you know and that is waterlogged. The car has 624. Horsepower go zero to 64 point five seconds and the coolest part. The ceiling toward schools like the stars that drive it. After driving around for much of the afternoon and bonding with head girl have to redeem that awkward first impression. Time to share some personal stories with might you be a fat. Get on my grandfather died in this league. Most everybody else in the car that was screaming. About what's amazing. Yeah. Susan doesn't got so nervous because natural reaction Tibet. Reaction to your attempt at wrapping memo he was amazed to buy it because I did drought might. Playlist less life I think it. Can include some of a heads up all night. Aren't you have some other hits his left in the opening the years but. Crown Heights. Thanks. Kate is it to the it was a pivotal night. Straight out of con her. Only hate him. And that he England coming in here's an idea of the bill Schneider and here are listening to Chris Gary will have to go teach him how to be vigorous and more black. He's like no you gotta go to like this unit and Hendrick investigator about a good. Risley Goodall blackened motherhood and it's. Changing money have meant to be exact their bats a playlist up all night. And we had to have. Diane say don't UH no hey Lou we're going to be playing with the pats next week and happy that we've got to. Please let let me just on me.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"In the latest edition of \"Lifestyles of the Rich and Kendis,\" ABC's Kendis Gibson tests drives the $350,000 Rolls-Royce.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"46320919","title":"The Wraith Black Badge sets a new standard for Rolls-Royce ","url":"/WNN/video/wraith-black-badge-sets-standard-rolls-royce-46320919"}