New Year's Eve party planning

America's Chief Entertainment Officer Tim Laird offers his tips on how to throw a spectacular New Year's Eve party.
5:11 | 12/28/17

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Transcript for New Year's Eve party planning
All right so the big night is almost here but there's still time to plan a New Year's Eve party that. He'll hopefully remember Tim Laird America's CEO chief entertaining officer of course is here with his latest ideas end. You know based on some of the alcohol they see here I don't know that you necessarily remember. I have to argue but but you'll have a good title absolutely Candace and tail what if it's a New Year's Eve party it's about the champagne I mean that's a state. And what I tell people a couple things you want to look for. Is for it's if it says meth owed champ and Juan on the bottle and basically what that means that that champagne is producing it in the French style. Where that second fermentation is actually goes through. In them. That bottle itself so it's a more of expensive process OK but in order to spend a lot of money if you like brands like for bell our method champ and Wonka and you it's great it's a good price like ten bucks up fourteen to fourteen we have fourteen left and again and there's two styles Brooke. Is probably the most popular style and more of a dryer Picasso and less sweet and an extra dry. That's spousal of the second largest selling one and that's a little sweeter so if you want a little sweeter go extra drive blow dryer go abroad and those kind of confusing yeah. It has nothing to do with that with this but what do you do what she is a better for the the most is a morning. Like I have from almost this I go with extra drive external. Sweeter aren't good enough for drinking I like the drive all right good zoning would also partner's campaign is opening you know everybody gets a little nervous about that because there that. Portugal flies chandeliers brain Omega quakes quick easy steps on how to properly open it so nothing will spell a half first of all take down the wire cage and there's six half turn us. One two. Three 4560. OK and then you release the cage and then. You want to make sure it's properly chill it isn't if you have a pro though you feel as if all I know do but the key is. She'll look properly which is a four hours meant another version because of vessels warm mean this court is gonna go flying right into the lights off frivolous but here's what next trek. Hold the bottle or to hold a cork. And turn the bottle because a lot of people try to pry out the Denmark. And that's what's gonna make it fly off their so again I'm holding the court. Turning the bottle ever so slowly and you wanna slight side not really that loud pop and then where they have shall we want the plot. Go well in front of the locker room celebrating her win Brit the 8845 to create a perfect house that that's great sic isn't sure that you're supposed to shake it up first. And then opened if you're celebrating that all in a new game winner in the did they were going and all whoever you the clubs. Couple classic cocktails get this is say of the classic champagne cock though it is just a sugar cube. Would bidders on it a second what is could known as a key here Royale a tennis and that's simply just a little bit of the Korb Albright. With a little bearish on board black. Rest very record just like that so they're secure oil in the what I do when I entertain sort of a champagne. Station where it all juice is set up in and then your guests can build it themselves they can do whatever they want attic whatever they want garnish wiser junior highs arts and then it up to what goes great with champagne. Are these crispy crab appetizers and they're really easy to make. Bout starts out with a little cream cheese and am planning to that I put in some ma lump crab. Meet that goes in wanna give that just yet quick little stirred little bit of scallions goes and that's got a little bit of rock lemon juice and a half. Will hot sauce not much just a little you little kick. Fool Worcestershire sauce that goes in her blessing not a lot and then of course people that don't put a little bit of up horseradish to get just another little us yet. And then finally a little see for what they're telling them there's old. There is on a lot this guy. No. When that's all mixed up properly use you buy these below dough shells and RD made OK just fill a mocking get that anywhere hold at a minimum there are alum up. Put him in the oven for ten to twelve minutes and you've got these crispy crab appetizer is ready to go perpich and here's that here's an entertaining tip. You can make he's ahead of time and then when your I guess get there. Put him in the oven ten minutes later they've got warm appetizers doing need to cook who argued just this 20 woman are bent is already talk step ahead had a video. Somebody bad back anyway because perfect with the champagne it's great from a holiday itself. One of those wonderful things I love ringing in the new year in her as a fun way to go but it is absolutely will solicit a little cheers absolutely chairs hatteras area desperate act in cheers everybody all the vast and of course you can find more from 10 am on our website at W and and fans that come stay with us you're watching road is now. Artistic and street. This is slowly off.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"America's Chief Entertainment Officer Tim Laird offers his tips on how to throw a spectacular New Year's Eve party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52025841","title":"New Year's Eve party planning","url":"/WNN/video/years-eve-party-planning-52025841"}