More than 1,600 crashes reported across storm zone

Drivers in Virginia and North Carolina faced roads buried in snow, as nearly 2 feet fell in some places.
3:00 | 12/11/18

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Transcript for More than 1,600 crashes reported across storm zone
We begin tonight with the states of emergency. Drivers stranded. The hundreds of thousands who suddenly have no power, as well. The deadly storm for some, a year's worth of snow in just one day. These images from north Carolina. Traffic at a standstill on I-81 in Virginia. The National Guard coming in to rescue drivers. And the planes being de-iced today at the Charlotte airport. More than 2,000 flights canceled coast to coast. Tonight, they are working furiously to get the power back on, and now, the new danger. The snow giving way to sleet and rain overnight, and a new system set to start yet again in the west and then move eastward. Meteorologist rob Marciano leading us off. Reporter: Tonight, millions reeling from the mammoth winter storm in the south. North Carolina highways buried in snow. Treacherous for drivers, cars careening off theed radios. They are at a dead stop right now, waiting for crews to be able to move this tractor trailer. Reporter: In Virginia, hundreds stranded on the highway. Across the storm zone, authorities reporting more than 1,600 crashes. The National Guard called in to help. That storm turning deadly, claiming at least three lives in North Carolina alone. A driver killed after this tree came crashing down. This storm dropped staggering amounts of snow, ice and rain across our state. Reporter: As much as a year's worth of snow falling in just over a day. Nearly two feet in some places. Overwhelming crews. You've been working this all day and you jnt keep up, can you? No. Reporter: Neither could the airlines. Travel grinding to a halt. More than 2,700 flights canceled nationwide since Saturday. Across the storm zone, more than 650,000 customers losing power. We came across this couple on an unplowed road, their vehicle, stuck. Neighbors all pitching in to pull them out. What a mess. Rob Marciano with us live tonight. There's concern now about the cold, the possibility of black ice and then, of course, you were mentioning the new storm starting in the west and it could follow a similar track. Reporter: Yes, David. Temperatures were warm today. We got some melting, but they're dropping tonight. There is an advisory for black ice that includes Charlotte, much of the western Carolinas. Some dangerous road conditions,%ed. Those storms you mentioned, they're lining up in the pacific and will hit the pacific northwest tomorrow. The first one coming in, bringing in heavy snows across the rockies. They'll combine in the center part of the country to bring rough weather across the east. David? We'll track it all week. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Drivers in Virginia and North Carolina faced roads buried in snow, as nearly 2 feet fell in some places.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59737095","title":"More than 1,600 crashes reported across storm zone","url":"/WNT/video/1600-crashes-reported-storm-zone-59737095"}