17-Year-Old Accused of Plotting Attack on School to Rival Columbine

Authorities received tip saying student asked friends to film bombing.
1:49 | 05/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 17-Year-Old Accused of Plotting Attack on School to Rival Columbine
A high school bomb plot halted. Police are searching an oregon high school before allowing any students back after the holiday, after uncovering what they say was a student's plan to blow it up. There were bombs and a date set, they say. Here tonight, abc's linzie janis. Reporter: Tonight, 17-year-old grant acord, whose identity we're obscuring, is behind bars because police say he was planning an attack on his school to rival columbine. This person had taken substantial steps and actually manufactured devices that would have been capable of causing significant injury or death. Reporter: Police say it all began late last week when they got a tip-off from a 911 caller, saying acord was planning to blow up the school and had asked friends to film the incident when it happened. Bomb squad officers went to his house and discovered a secret compartment beneath the floorboards of acord's bedroom. Inside, an arsenal of homemade explosives and journals outlining a plot that would exceed the 1999 massacre in colorado. They say he even set a date. Plans, checklists, diagrams, inspirations, sources and a focus on recreating the model of columbine. Reporter: His stockpile allegedly included pipe and draino bombs, homemade napalm and molotov cocktails. Police say they've searched the target, west albany high school and found nothing. The motive is still a mystery. Fellow students describe acord as a loner. I talked to him earlier and nothing was wrong. He was happy. I'd say hi to him in the hallway because I was kind of -- was like, well, I should probably talk to this kid, make sure he feels okay. Reporter: Grant acord is due in court on tuesday where he'll be charged as an adult for attempted aggravated murder and possession and manufacture of bombs.

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{"id":19262108,"title":"17-Year-Old Accused of Plotting Attack on School to Rival Columbine","duration":"1:49","description":"Authorities received tip saying student asked friends to film bombing.","url":"/WNT/video/17-year-accused-plotting-attack-school-rival-columbine-19262108","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}