9/11 Museum Gets Ready to Open

Inside, artifacts including personal belongings, fire trucks and architecture recount the day the WTC was attacked.
3:55 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for 9/11 Museum Gets Ready to Open
Now we had tonight to the hollowed ground of memory and renewal right here in New York. The new World Trade Center piercing the New York skyline and there at the base. The new September 11 memorial museum where you walk into all the disbelief and horror. The time capsule of that day America will never forget. The museum opens tomorrow but tonight a preview -- ABC's David Muir takes us right inside with him Davis. Diane good evening and what you're looking at is the last column that became as you remember such a symbol of the first responders who raced to the scene -- in the days and weeks that followed. The numbers straight -- of the side of a column. Representing those who were lost. As we walked out into museum of the time there on the wall 8:30 AM it was still a beautiful morning. And everything changed this was Good Morning America shortly after the first plane hit. There's been some sort of explosion at the world trade. News center -- obviously a major fire there and there as you begin to -- seven stories below ground the first thing you hear the voices of the day of September elevenths. 2010. -- every -- Americans remembering where they weren't -- own words and lighting up the walls here. We were actually in -- when someone -- jeans and oh my god -- -- -- has just -- -- I believe there it is all trapped on the map. Those flights the moment they turned. When the hijackers take control. It is we walk through the museum beside us right there for -- steers. Literally hundreds of people use this staircase as an escape route. On 9/11 when the attacks were taking place. Running down the stairs to safety was a lifeline. -- steers -- 58 -- the entire museum built around them. Around the corner of the five big read the fire truck -- -- so many remember their brief captain paddy brown. -- -- started that -- Will be okay. -- -- command Bolden didn't know I would try to get up. -- at ten this man walks. There is the bike -- here the bicycles still covered in dust. All of the planes remembered here these -- parts from plate 77 pulled from the Pentagon. So was this clock frozen at 937. A melted Rolodex someone's phone. In one of the rooms we discover watch found in the field in Shanksville Pennsylvania it was Todd Beamer wouldn't be heroes who took back that flight. On his watch the date the eleventh. And there's -- Jones to who barely escaped the south tower she took her shoes off to get up faster. She once told world news she put them in a box under -- bed. Now she's given her shoes to the museum. Howard -- nick who lost his brother in more than 650 employees at Cantor Fitzgerald. The only reason he wasn't there it was his son's first day of kindergarten. Yes my wife and I took that first picture right outside of the school is hairs. The little wet behind his -- little backpack on. His son now graduating high school -- inside here you'll find other messages of hope NASA commander who saw it. And listen -- what. So yeah -- is very difficult for everybody in America right now. But he still look good for New Yorkers your city village -- from -- there. -- simply stunning what they've been able to preserve here in the museum and what you're looking at behind me here is one of the original retaining walls around. The entire World Trade Center site around both of those towers. The president will be in this room tomorrow to honor the work that's been done on this museum to honor the lives lost and of course the mark the resiliency of this country. So many years later. I am all right David -- thank you so much David and we want you to join us tomorrow for the dedication of the museum ABC news we'll carry it live. At 10:10 AM and we should mention that David took photos inside the museum. And you can see them on our website -- the kind of tour just for you.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Inside, artifacts including personal belongings, fire trucks and architecture recount the day the WTC was attacked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23724300","title":"9/11 Museum Gets Ready to Open","url":"/WNT/video/911-museum-ready-open-23724300"}