9/11 survivor shares her hope 17 years after tragedy

Florence Jones was No. 18 of the last 25 people out of the South Tower.
2:27 | 09/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 9/11 survivor shares her hope 17 years after tragedy
K your doctor about once-weekly Trulicity. Naht here,t I hard to believe it's been years. We must never fo there's woman I have never rgotten about. Her Stor H heart. Peter jenninirstted on Jones after 9/11 of the last5 people out ohe she was nber 18. We heollowed hence. With her for THA first trip to see reflectinpools. Wow. Reporter: The names of so many of her frs lost. There S year we wenith he new 9/11 Americans from all over the country nowvisiting.this is Florence's quote here O then, sayi I I didn't move quick enough, S to be de.e took offers tt morning, her them she could G down the stairs faster. Museum, a stairwell so ny used th day. Andaw something together there are the shoes. Afterea keepi her shoes from that day in a box under her bed, Flore donating em to the museum. Whouookt these, what you ink? I Thi they're inhe bes possible place they could be. I knew they needed to be here. Repr: Today,7 years ter 9/11, talk with Florence againut that day. The twin towers, the Pentagon, shanksvi Pennsylvania, where there WER ceremonie held today. I do run T the day head a myrt still aches for Thoe that need lostheir life. Jus beco a date on a ar I peo something, you know, may in servicn volunteer work. Reporter: Sheas brought her family to the museum told'sfu she was there for her niec weddin and I'llever forgetce atophe new 4 world trade. Oh, M god. Repr: And what E saw. View. Reporter: And her words about those we St, who whourvived and Tse who serve. Not forgetting. We remembeng the people, and I Thankyou, Ence. And wemember all of the ??????????????????

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Florence Jones was No. 18 of the last 25 people out of the South Tower.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57757359","title":"9/11 survivor shares her hope 17 years after tragedy","url":"/WNT/video/911-survivor-shares-hope-17-years-tragedy-57757359"}