Akon discusses his Akonick label group and new music

The artist talks music, albums and upcoming projects.
22:53 | 08/23/19

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Transcript for Akon discusses his Akonick label group and new music
Canceling an ABC radio and I am so excited because I have been man of the Al aren't looking very very very night in the quiet and clean so fresh clean eight it's so wonderful to have you here when I didn't. Absolutely. And first and foremost but does have to say they Q because you have been doing such amazing being. If you haven't seen in awhile the music's there but you've had been extremely extremely busy you've been out in the motherland doing wonderful thing. Or it right back continent. I want to start off there just because I I know we're talking about your global music takeover. Which I'm super excited talk about it because. It's. It was grueling day. It's quite the way you know thousands and so it's no good to have you imagine we're gonna talk all about that but I do want to talk and talk about how Akon lighting Africa. Because you have really been busy I think and since 2014 that's when the wounding launched a month to all talk. He does with and that continent and a lot of people. And you know he's a businessman at the same time so you know you you do you make sure that everything works out very very well on its very. Organized and that way what you got and best visual advantage all money. A little bit about. Why you decide to do that to take this on because obviously you know when you work payments as well they were like I like. Did this isn't didn't want to percent. Well they want to may rely wanted to get on was because left elect it was responsibility. Start office philanthropy. Has just given back to villages and have people that demand electricity compiled by reform. Than we realize how much is demanded was and how much of the business could be and that's when it went from philanthropy. Social entrepreneur machine. You know the whole idea was looking list is made. Money helping people as right now. Is donating lights Kurzweil would never be enough for the Dodi. You know lights to half a billion people get out of the drank so but how can we work into a beacon actually generate money without raising it. In the continent and then utilize that money. Put it back into the business to be does provide for people and as the when he we make we don't back into the business. And it just became nearly colliding African mouse like the biggest energy. Apply in Africa. He ever have them at any point your life and this is what you'd be doing in the space of giving back in such a large major way also being in this. Amazing music mogul and entrepreneur newer and creative I mean you know I was reading up and about pretty much obviously I followed your music throughout the years. Red howler rather watching something in the new organ on the fact that you were born in Saint Louis Nissen and I now ahead so the idea that this this young child angled back to Africa. And then well. The other way around. But American game and you do all these amazing things but yet you went back soon you know your home country. And you created all of you. Lee mace yourself this is not at this this person and who now is able to do you know literally. Give to the community of entertainment and give community adds perspective your your man did. What not any did you have any inkling growing up this is what your vision did you have a vision or. Growing up I want to be a brain surgeon. That's what's so ironic. And then when I realized then an eagle two on losing his school. What 2830 years ago and Matt Dillon adds that it doesn't look Ellerbe detective. And what from brain surgery to detective detective. I don't know well that can be witnessed while Pine Island an of the ID channels and was now. But I'm always like investigating something right so even today what ultimately wind up happening was against so much trouble as acute. Detecting them it was literally a mean guy got so much over that even the garden get a regular job with my. Truman history was so low. Like yeah bodies of that is Gobi is saved me but I had a hobby. I just used to do all the time which was needs you know I never really spoke to too many people about what is going to. Omar problems because have to step that was doing what was legal so I couldn't talk to nobody anyway so music became. Like the way I didn't. Anything I needed just you know get out or event out I just right in the song and had became had so when I got locked up. An action that haven't bottomed Jim I wrote about being locked in and them being in the recognized some human life. It insists though that's like his agony. All the app is all trial that she went through and Italy came back and and you bloomed into this man that now is like helping so many people though nothing out of prison after this period. But I'm but I spent. By whatever god has a specific rule freed plea he's gonna put to do all the things that's gonna prepare you for that and I think those obstacles the rules and a travel. Believe he had not what one be able to even communicate in a terrain like Africa with them Wednesday and that much self. Lack of resources. Had to figure out had to be creative that been. Daewoo and Dan that swagger now we do and finesse some politicians like it's a lot that what with a hustling talent daddy used to get things to happen open. So I think all of that helped BG like this condition need to know and be equipped to be to do with something towards would whom uncle and lifeless you know. Also talking about being in Africa you know I I feel like. Now thankfully you know Beers Beers come this understanding of how. Much music and culture you are really mean obviously am I'm assuming our black pants you know and that is an eye opening experience so many people think well. Africa could possibly because they possibly can I like. Is it with a feeling of knowing that it is possible and it actually can happen. Was just a dog that was open for all African Americans in general you know especially for the Diana in Europe and on people came on the African and know the potential. They just know the lack of resources and education is why hasn't gone towards them. When you you know I I assume when you go back unity animal rank and you are just like their bike to screaming your name and all the MER are kind of like you know you'd ever you never famous in your own countries it do you have will. If not I can never announcement coming home and always have to hide. And I'm come and I can't it's impossible to know really the airport so I literally have to just. Find ways to come home secretly. Was a moment who isn't there by Norman town. I made one major appearance anybody get it out that we want to see who wants one I don't stay long enough for them to be ought to just kind. But then Iraq and its DM ever give you this whole life. I'm and well among American family do when I'm having nothing happened then let you know Malia the last I profit Keene. I'm like no Indian and much responsibility and distant and. Odd that your felt like three words it's more. And yet I have to get into this global takeover that that is upon. Hey this global take over when I think global nickel I mean he is really you just. Decided that music. You're about to now down. Talk about this the label first and foremost because you not only have the eight Connick label group. You have these sub literary while underneath it depending on the music's. You know talk about what went that initial vision was an and how it's placed a little bit. What my biggest challenges of global artists was making music for everybody you know when I was tied to the establishment would record labels and stuff like that. No one thing I can say universal when I was there they gave me a wide range to explore. They never heal me pages filming but. Only part that they couldn't allow me to do was put out multiple type of songs. Under multiple genres at the same time because the system just wasn't built. Today is a little different because now it's all about streaming digital Internet new way people communicate in. This is different now and then everything musically is on demand so nagging go to any local DSP extremists I would as. Apple Spotify Amazon pandora and you completely musing would you want it. We want to play. As me tell you want to play them so in the NL built around platelets so that gave me now the opportunity with the new technology built that I can now put out. Multiple albums under multiple genres he multiple languages by chose to so with that concept busing you know now confined to a always want to do so create a content lead grew. Escude a mass movement is an apartment to run business 'cause he's form needs to be the ex chairman's seal Motown. At universal when I'll assign personal. We need no we noted that anybody for minority standpoint so with a perfect fit. And now able to release my Latin album which is and the illegal under Kentucky which is label Gama. African Afro beat album which is the label is a conduct. You know and that's a self titled album as well to and then. We have a comic which is the stuff there by Noam for the pop pop wannabe movement crackers and then we have Gemma content which is all Caribbean calypso which you know to make. Talk a little but about how this is gonna involve because. What's coming first and are you enlisting a group of artists or even your artists kind of help you to fulfill all these project could there's multiple things that you have to do you. You have I mean can we just love endured for years. Which is doing if everybody else so you know as a consultant as a producer as a songwriter as an artist. We've always service to major labels Noah now is that a point was all about content so as a content creator. What better to create your own system. Bill the content and signed superstars to yourself you know meaning kind of just move a Soes is morsel Obama only about ownership but it's also. About control and the content and marketing and how he can benefit from as well you know because now these. You may write a record demy so Twomey records you get Roy it is often which don't even when you own masters. So what is the purpose to put an auto work and don't even own it so. My idea was now that we have the platforms to be to do that own it and then we could sign artists who also we can share profits and so they can understand the business and be treated differently from how we was coming up. Of that now you don't clearly I am. I've really been within the last year to add in like a huge super fan for apple beads in the music and artists. On now for my understanding it cause you know someone kind of brought to my attention that it's different in Senegal like Afro beat still are you kind of light. Witching add up how how did that good everybody assumed that like all Africa is our let you know I mean all these misconceptions and I and. I'm not a big misconception because apple beat what you're hearing today as apple pie. Not quite apps will be. This half will be souped up our generation. You know fell I was like the original apple beat huge repercussions traditional. Is really culture you know me will we Toma. Apple park which candidate Applebee's part of listening to describe it because most of this would relieve the means you know ultimately. When you look at the music itself is so much more commercial. And after will be self. But the whole idea is to make sure that. As a grows. Kind of grow with the culture and the generation draw and in that culture because people still look at act Africa from an ancient history historical position. Everything about Africa now people still think mostly. He's still thinking you know jungles they still think in Tarzan and they still think in things that we grew up to enter. Early 70s8090s. And beyond. In the pass because. Nolan never really you could see updated Africa's progress. And where they are today because no matter where you going to William and have. Suffering poor areas in the union have a more profitable. Fortunate in this is everywhere you went world it is without. Unfortunately. It's. The suffering. That the media buys into and that becomes a story for Africa so an African Americans we never took the initiative to tell alms to relieve in two. You know push us history forward you know from the inventions are we doubt the accomplishments. Is so much that we've got you beat it. Of the world and I just America I mean obviously we built America but. Those stories aren't we never really told is always you know and when that we're never receiving credit for the great things that we boot and that we've done because. Of the way the system in America was set up you know African. What African Americans will more. Of the lower class you know they were divided into two leaky renewable is not considered as one today in 2020. You know twenty to nineteen sews like. We've always been in a position where would never fully. You know given the actively for the accomplishment that we've done in that also helps to. No affect you mentally too as if you're not good enough for you can't accomplish certain things you know like. It took me to say you know and I go back to Africa Omaha owned utility company. I could have never done in America and possible is lagging got the con Edison you got the Georgia power's you got the every state has its own. You though utility. Monopoly. No way to really get it but an Africa's open book that's opportunity to knowledge on the right people. And you can do that there as well he knows is like the opportunities those back home as is so vast. But as we've been brain rushed in America so much to bleak as well when you mentioned Africa people start shaking. Like an especially African relic. I don't though is out of fear not knowing but it used to pick any spot and say okay you know what. I want to go to in Cologne. It sounds Jerious. Mexico. You know no one at twenty miles down the line if you go out there by yourself you'll be kidnapped in May be over Reza medical or tail. You don't think about that because the positive is being palm is not ready so. Put to fear but in Africa's always been would be amicable and that he stood. Emmy goes on and on and on an idol I don't think that people really paid attention to the pattern and asked himself the question why. Are we being you know fear took to act after. And it's very easy questions because so much opportunity. And once African Americans realize between the have been and home and we stay resolve that they can actually own and be apart of and actually control. The economy all over the world would drop because most and will literally go back home. Because all the things they complain about not having here they will be would have been. I'm very well you know two. It's so amazed that you say all this because I I kind of like him always itching for people like your you wouldn't be able to. Offer education and because you you know if you used to hold the business you know. The other side and there's so many people that don't and it's such a blessing to be able to have someone who is so well versed in because. There is a lot of unfortunately mythology. Ignorant when it constitutes a continent when it comes to the different countries cons to the people. I mean. You know for me I'm a novice Saddam that I read and I learned I talked to people so you know that's how I'm able to digested goblet of course. You know you wouldn't what you've been able to do in the contribution made are sold Aston we are so happy you are we somebody can leaking information from all what it's really life. Talking more so about the music again. You know hitting on all these different spaces. Have Erie enlisted artists and people that you have for these specific projects already or is that decade. Daniel was signing willingly. Are literally signing artists as we speak and discover new accident when a man potentially beside an artist who Lincoln that. Ours is currently signed so listen is going to be a full conglomerate. Just brand new fresh talent you know and I'm not looking on line to see who got height no I want real talent and a nose in less than ever. People agree minds understand the musical one and learn music and listen as extremely patient and that one and grow you know would Tina when I grow with them. It's like an open call perhaps is wide open economy where will own operating labels so we see it we'll hear the talent. Will come after. Hitting on the grant may not get like houses an outlet every single every single democracy to now we can do any whatever. You know you like don't want people you're you're eight hits and let that. I know the music industry at Amazon all the gambled but the fact that you take the time to do that once you never know you can't yes absolutely I mean obviously you've been doing so many years and you sound like IE for example that the times illicitly. The animal back in the day and mean. So clearly we know what's topping out. Hobbled the artist that we all of that aren't going to be on any of these albums attacking people in the community and slowly out now. I do I do have the stadium on the wouldn't be drop in a wonderful albums coming in this album is all collaborations. On top to bottom and B songs collaborate effort so. No me all aren't issued the and mince them that you might not know that I will be introducing team may be huge another region. Would have been made it to the US and other bills and a country that no because. It lets people know also what's happening and the silent world you know and how important an impact will be on is that you just minor for the first time. Our in his prospective countries in the region from. WB tapping some of artists that you. What I mean is making a new music ST all the features aren't primary assessment pushing you name any money well kind of try to keep it. I was surprised though loaded them up a ball has been known as the king collaborator snarled accountable she is user. Curiosity and to you pick up the record. And I'm most likely whoever you think I should be Rocca wit almost likely am within their some people in that you would never expect to be wickedly. And I don't wanna Cuba. He had. Oh. Has that. Guns Linden cat well I mean obviously we're checking out regardless because you always make good music now tightening in the studio. You know. It's interesting because I think it speaks out where. You need one year music that's gonna move on. You as you mentioned when your first insulin. Well do you feel this pressure because again you just gave the really good. Misconceptions and Africa will your message are you focusing on having a message behind your music like I know you make for a low key isn't Jan bringing it you know turn up. Again you also make very awful music as well and you kind of having specific. On there a specific album that will be kind of message in fluent in and talk about being you know always. The messages in meg not do you play Rick is dryly when you when you get down blown call. So all iams and always like it would it was a few songs and I think definitely gave the bought him this albums these arms and no different about drinks let them. At the lot went to an. But also experience and winning things though it is certain topics it. Most people afraid to tap into knows when I like tapping into you know like for us and we just released the wreckage is slightly yes you're listening called Benjamin's. And his Benjamin cricket in me is a very very important record to date it needs to be her room. A mine and make too many fans. From females because of it because they meet the different. But the way you look at society. You know and the reason why the record is called Benjamin is because the concept of the song it's almost like she's. More in love with Benjamin she is will own partner. You know and you never really understood what that meant was she would rather. If she could happen for last name can be Franklin she would definitely take. Well. Known as a very is an amazing record noble it is world's wreck is where when you hear the lyrics you clearly get. But some time people are misconstrued. And. I guess it depends on who's listening to the song. What is ready to make you reflect oranges. Today and how things are perceived and how much money place that should be grown in various lives you know him. Absolutely. Well look I I'm I'm super excited I assume it's gonna be an. Iconic a conic tour exhumed a lag with all of. 100% I don't know world tour for all forums for different John resume them toward every different territory. According to his prospective John Lewis wants. Islam going on. Yes I mean and how I I know you know you like that he'd been busy really rebuilding the whole on countries that that's one thing what. When you when you think about getting on stage I mean it is that year like the joy of kind of. Earlier warnings and that's what that's what it all comes together magnet that reminds you why you do when listen for his placement in in. That becomes a part whereas there's nowhere is all fine assault plea in his department that I enjoy animals like this one designed to come back into the music market for puma passion. You know and because that amendment for the money it's about religious had on. Excited to feed. Out went the first haven't the first one that's coming actually the first two was dropping in September. Let them know exactly because it's almost like a surprise pop openings. You know just for the fund and just seeing who's paying attention. Engine so that day and date the date been date the date he's got have been some dates out there would. You know Lucy that is good dipendra the first but the symptoms. Well we can't wait earned a perfect I'll release you know that Amazon is a government are here. I'm very excited MC. Alone in the class and happy to see you Macon music into anything that we love I'm glad that you took care business could clearly from helping build. All of people that you helpful the last like for five years has been. A conic. And we just appreciate you can appreciate what she gallon and that is when invited make share. You. Only stay on social ills sky pirate people he's put peep little wired. He's also making a lot of great music was on super excited. Hourly I mean you got the Selma schools is up there right now Spotify to me that we just released in late last week in for so it's Grantham joins put him play this now and in. Amid of course as most of come you get the notification. Thank you so much and I appreciate you weren't good can't client signing off. I know.

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