Real Life 'American Hustle' Con Man on How the Movie's Off

Brian Ross, reported on Abscam, talks with major player.
3:00 | 03/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real Life 'American Hustle' Con Man on How the Movie's Off
Big event of the weekend the Oscars and the real headline -- behind one of the films up for best picture this weekend. American -- that's based on an FBI sting that ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross covered many years ago knows firsthand. Tonight he sits down with the real life con man behind it all. What he wants now. But the American -- is based on the real life FBI sting on congress that was called Abscam. -- -- And skin was a huge scandal what it was first revealed 34 years ago one of the first big stories I broke as a network correspondent. And investigators already calling operation Abscam. The most important investigation a political corruption since Watergate tapes of congressman taking payoffs for political favors captivated the country. And it focused attention on the con man and FBI informant who was behind -- all you know American hospital. He has called Erving played by Christian Bale. Two glowing reviews Kabila but from -- night. Bail is a dead ringer for the actual con men and informant right down to the tinted glasses and elaborate hair -- -- His name is Mel -- now 89 years -- -- in Florida and rooting for bail to win an Oscar as best after. -- -- The hair and everything -- That's the way is still in my head cold will he had me down Weinberg biggest complaint about the movie is the Caspian of his wife played by Jennifer Lawrence yeah. Who he says it seemed hotter than his mistress played by Amy Adams and should -- way -- -- by rites of initiation -- the always and though he'll white. But Weinberg says he is perfectly happy with the way he is portrayed as the great American hustler still hopefully have something in it for him now -- The movie -- I guess -- -- maybe -- see some money from it for a -- con man that's always the bottom line. Brian Ross ABC news Titusville floor.

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{"id":22734869,"title":"Real Life 'American Hustle' Con Man on How the Movie's Off","duration":"3:00","description":"Brian Ross, reported on Abscam, talks with major player.","url":"/WNT/video/american-hustle-brian-ross-real-life-con-man-22734869","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}