Animal Rights Activists Protest Seaworld

Show goes on amongst backlash over "Blackfish" documentary.
1:32 | 04/12/14

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Transcript for Animal Rights Activists Protest Seaworld
The controversial show at seaworld is back on. The park's famous killer whales are performing again. The trainers are being kept out of the water, all of theft aer a trainer lost her life during a performance. Reporter: Just as seaworld's star performers get back into the swim of things today, their stadium closed since January -- I remember it from 20 years ago and it's just as amazing. Reporter: A now ruling on safety at the park. A federal appeals court upholding a ban on trainers getting into the water with killer whales. In 2010 the federal government restricted human interaction after trainer dawn Brancheau was dragged to her death by a 12,000 pound orca named til akum. Her death was the focus of a 2010 documentary titled black fish. The documentary igniting protest from around the world. So far park attendance is down 13%. With the new ruling the court found, quote, close trainer contact with killer whales is not integral to seaworld's workplace. Seaworld has argued that the ban is similar to restricting speed at NASCAR. In a response, seaworld says they're, quote, committed to providing a safe workplace for employees. Seaworld hasn't said whether it it plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme court. They've begun working on a new show featuring killer whales and that's set to debut in June. To Ukraine where tension is

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{"id":23305399,"title":"Animal Rights Activists Protest Seaworld","duration":"1:32","description":"Show goes on amongst backlash over \"Blackfish\" documentary.","url":"/WNT/video/animal-rights-activists-protest-seaworld-23305399","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}