Attempted prison break in North Carolina

Emergency teams rushed to the scene as reports emerged of injured guards and inmates.
1:34 | 10/12/17

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Transcript for Attempted prison break in North Carolina
And we begin with that fast-moving story in Elizabeth city, North Carolina, tonight. A violent prison break attempt. There are reports of several people injured. More than a dozen are being rushed to the hospital. And there is also word fires were sent within the facility. Schools in the area have been placed on lockdown. Buses taking children home brought back to school. And there are reports that at least one inmate is unaccounted for. There is a manhunt tonight. ABC's gio Benitez leading us off. Reporter: Chaos at a high security prison in North Carolina. Police responding to an attempted prison break. We do have a mass casualty incident. I have multiple patients, some of them are critical. Reporter: North Carolina public safety saying a fires set at the pasquotank correctional institution's sewing plant around 3:30 this afternoon. Officer struck multiple times with a hammer, unresponsive at this time, work on IV access, significant bruising and bleeding. Reporter: At least nine people rushed to the hospital, and more expected. I'm going to have several walking wounded. We need to clear some beds. Reporter: Tonight, we do not know the condition of those injured or how many were employees. I've got ambulances inbound, please start setting up some sort of triage, and mass casualty within the facility. Reporter: For a time, at least three schools were put on lockdown and students who were already on a school bus were sent back to those schools. Tonight, local police tell ABC affiliate WVEC they are searching the nearby woods for one inmate who is not accounted for. And David, this is a massive prison, with more than 700 prisoner thes. They have an electronic security fence attempted to prevent escapes. David? Gio, thank you. And now, to the devastating

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{"id":50448794,"title":"Attempted prison break in North Carolina","duration":"1:34","description":"Emergency teams rushed to the scene as reports emerged of injured guards and inmates.","url":"/WNT/video/attempted-prison-break-north-carolina-50448794","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}