Biden sets stage in Delaware, campaign officials told to celebrate

Joe Biden is urging the nation to stay patient while all the votes are counted and is expected to address the nation Friday night if he's called the apparent winner.
4:14 | 11/07/20

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Transcript for Biden sets stage in Delaware, campaign officials told to celebrate
Friday night as we come to the end of a historic week together in this country. We knew if close that this election could take days to count. With the historic turnout, the early vote in the middle of this pandemic and that's where we are, night four. Tonight as votes are counted, the one state everyone continues to watch very closely is Pennsylvania. Joe Biden slowly growing his lead there. If he wins Pennsylvania, we minutes the white house. What we're learning tonight from inside the Biden campaign. Will Joe Biden and senator kamala Harris speak to the nation tonight? That had been the plan for a time, but what we're learning and president trump, whats his strategy now even if he catches up to Biden in Pennsylvania he'd have to win several other states. Biden's lead nearly insurmountable. What is the strategy going forward? Whether there's any movement in thinking on his next steps. Let's get to the boards. Joe Biden leads in the popular vote by more than 4 million and in the all important electoral college it remains 253 for Biden, 214 for trump. On the map, the key battlegrounds in gray still too close to call. The most pivotal, Pennsylvania and we watched this morning as Joe Biden surpassed the president in that state. His lead now more than 14,000 in Georgia over night, Biden doing the same thing there, surpassing the president around 4:00 A.M. Georgia's secretary of state expecting a recall now in that the race tightening in Arizona. Biden sti in the lead there, and in Nev tonight, Biden extending his lead, nearly doubling in the past 24 hours. There have been questions all day long. Joe Biden and kamala Harris preparing to speak to the nation. We had seen activity on the stage outside the chase Senter in Wilmington. Mary Bruce on that in a moment on what it would take for Biden to appear, and how L into the night this might happen. We have not seen the president in 24 hours after he came out during the evening news last and so the nation waits and wonders, what's taking so long, especially in Pennsylvania? We're going to carefully guide you through it all again tonight. We begin with ABC's Mary Bruce with the Biden campaign in Delaware. Reporter: Tonight in Wilmington, the stage is set. Joe Biden out of sight. Since election night he's urged calm and patience as the votes are counted. Each ballot must be counted, and that's what we're going to see going through now, and that's how it should be. Reporter: Biden has vowed to beat back any legal challenges, tweeting, we have assembled the largest election protection effort in history. But on a staff call this morning, the message from top campaign officials was "We did it." The team told to enjoy this moment. Publicly Biden already signaling the nation's problems cannot wait. We're reminded, again, of the severity of this pandemic. Cases are on the rise nationwide, and we're nearing 240,000 deaths due to covid. Reporter: His meaning clear -- Joe Biden is ready to work. Mary, we can see the stage behind you, the lights set up. The Biden campaign saying they were planninprimetime speech tonight, though it remaining unclear if they'll move forward if the A.P. And networks don't project a winner. What are you hearing? Reporter: The campaign expecting him to speak here, but they're likely waiting in this race is called. It is clear they don't want to get ahead of anything. Biden urging his supporters to be patient, keep the faith as every vote is counted. Americans on every side of this remaining patient. In the meantime, Mary you've learned more about the vice president, what he's been doing, who's with him as he waits along with the country. Reporter: We're told he spent the day with family, meeting with aides and like the rest of us, closely watch election results. He's also been reaching out to Democrat who is won their race and supporters for working on his campaign. It's clear Joe Biden tonight is already looking ahead. Mary Bruce leading us off tonight. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Joe Biden is urging the nation to stay patient while all the votes are counted and is expected to address the nation Friday night if he's called the apparent winner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74066961","title":"Biden sets stage in Delaware, campaign officials told to celebrate ","url":"/WNT/video/biden-sets-stage-delaware-campaign-officials-told-celebrate-74066961"}