Businesses find success with locally made products in Wisconsin

From toys and soaps to skillets and ice cream, shops are keeping it local in Madison.
2:31 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Businesses find success with locally made products in Wisconsin
Finally, we were in Wisconsin over the weekend, giving the commencement, celebrating the badgers, and we couldn't come back without some made in America. We headed to Madison, Wisconsin, the state capital, the first stop, mickeys dairy bar. The line outside. And university of Wisconsin Madison graduates. So many in cap and gown. Outside, the menu on the wall from the 1950s. Just 30 cents back then for a burger. We wanted one of their famous shakes. You can see the milkshake making station. Still very old school here. Owner Janet and her team making them behind the counter. The chocolate syrup mixing vanilla and strawberry, too. And their not so secret ingredient, schoep's ice cream, family owned since 1928. And how important is it to support their local farmers? It's very important. It's part of what America's about. Something made right in town. Reporter: They tell me it's ready. Good to go? A taste test. Their vanilla shake. It's good. Across town, dozens of made in America businesses and their Madison mini maker Faire. Soaps, candled. Stuffed animals and toys. And outside -- are you Alyssa? How are you doing, David? Welcome to Madison. Reporter: I need a skillet. We have them! Reporter: Alyssa and her team making cast iron skillets in the shape of 50 states. We have a special pan that made it here. This might be hometown for you, is that right? It's New York state. We need to put a heart right there then. Reporter: So far, making Oklahoma, Texas. Which state is next? Making your wail down the list? We have a vote online. Reporter: They say, you decide. And every state they make, the same label. Made in the usa. Now, they're teaching children how to make their own molds. Alyssa spokes me how it's done. The crucible waiting. These are the little pieces of aluminum that have been melted down? And they put them over here? Heated to 1,400 degrees. It's rocking hot. Beautiful. Reporter: We spot the hearts. Someone's made something for mom. Reporter: Breaking the mold with three words in mind -- Made in America! Made in America, baby. Go badgers. It was a great weekend. I'm David Muir. I hope to see you right So I want my glasses to be unique...

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"From toys and soaps to skillets and ice cream, shops are keeping it local in Madison. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"55189685","title":"Businesses find success with locally made products in Wisconsin","url":"/WNT/video/businesses-find-success-locally-made-products-wisconsin-55189685"}