Christmas Storm Threatens Holiday Travel

As one third of all Americans traveling for holidays, two new storms move in for Christmas day.
2:45 | 12/23/12

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Transcript for Christmas Storm Threatens Holiday Travel
following tonight, with a third of all americans traveling for the holidays, meteorologists are worried about the nightmare after christmas. Two new storms are moving in. We'll get the forecast in i -- a moment, but first here's abc's john schriffen with the mess the weather is already creating. Reporter: It's the christmas trip turned nightmare for drivers on the east and west coast. In northern california with more snow expected to blanket the sierra mountains tonight, cars are having trouble just staying on the road. The roads are bad. There's a lot of spinouts further east. There's going to be chain control for the next two days at least going into christmas. Reporter: With warmer temperatures in the bay area, the pounding rain has been the big hazard. Near san jose, this bad accident happened after one driver going too fast, skidded across five lanes, crashing into the other. Believe it or not, police say no one was hurt. People are still driving fast. You just got to watch out for them and slow down a little bit and anticipate the worst of what other people may do when they hit puddles or something. Reporter: Across the country, in syracuse, new york, plows are working overtime dealing with two consecutive days of snow this weekend. Leaving this car stuck with no place to go. The weather was bad. The winds were blowing the cars around. You could see the semis were swerving. Reporter: It's the city's first snowstorm of the season. Many are bracing for more to come. John schriffen, abc news, new york. With us tonight amy free our meteorologist from our affiliate here in new york. You have three things you're looking at. The first storm is in the northeast, it looks wet and white and will give some folks a white christmas. As it moves through washington, light snow, mainly the snow stays in central pennsylvania and central new york, one to three inches possible there. Along the i-95 corridor, mainly a little dusting. Then severe weather in the south? Yes, the warm side could produce thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes. The cold side of that storm, before it leaves oklahoma city, could produce a white christmas. The third storm is a real biggie. It's a monster. A high impact storm moving on to the west coast, producing one to four inches for flooding rain for parts of california. Into the sierras, feet of snow. Snow riders will be really happy about that. As it pushes east, a lot of snow. Anyone traveling through the rockies, places like denver, could see several inches of snow. And it gets to the northeast. By the middle of the week that will have a ripple effect on travel for those trying to get home. So for people trying to get home or get rid of their relatives, it's going to be

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{"id":18052230,"title":"Christmas Storm Threatens Holiday Travel","duration":"2:45","description":"As one third of all Americans traveling for holidays, two new storms move in for Christmas day.","url":"/WNT/video/christmas-storm-threatens-holiday-travel-18052230","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}