Cities brace for more protests following Breonna Taylor decision

Larynzo Johnson is facing multiple charges for allegedly shooting and injuring two police officers during protests in Louisville, Kentucky, but police declined to say whether he was a protester.
4:53 | 09/25/20

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Transcript for Cities brace for more protests following Breonna Taylor decision
Good evening. It is great to have you with us here on this Thursday night. We have several developing stories as we come on the air. We'll begin with the fallout from the grand jury decision in Louisville, Kentucky. No police officers charged in the shooting death of breonna Taylor. One officer charged with wanton endangerment for recklessly firing into breonna Taylor's neighborhood's apartment and what about the bullets that hit her and about the officers that came there in the first place. The 26-year-old emt was shot and killed in her apartment in the middle of the night. Protesters taking to the streets in Louisville and cities from New York across the country to Los Angeles and most peaceful and then the headline that broke overnight that in Louisville two officer his been shot and tonight a suspect in custody and authorities will not say if that suspect was a protester. In Seattle tonight a police officer is under investigation for taking his bicycle right over the head of a protester. Across the country thousands gathering in the streets still asking for justice for Taylor and her mother tweeting, the system failed breonna. Tonight Taylor's family demanding the grand jury transcripts be released and what the governor is now saying. ABC's Alex Perez from Louisville tonight. Reporter: Tonight, Louisville and cities across the country, bracing for possibly another night of protests after the grand jury's decision to not charge any of the officers involved in breonna Taylor's shooting with her death. Breonna's family lawyer today demanding the release of the grand jury transcript, which the attorney general has already said would not be made public. Today Kentucky's governor, however, saying that transcript can be released. They want to know what evidence the Kentucky attorney general, Daniel Cameron, presented to that grand jury. Did he present any evidence on behalf of breonna Taylor? Say her name! Reporter: That grand jury decision sending protesters coast to coast to the streets. Most peaceful, some violent. In Seattle, a criminal investigation requested after this video showing an officer pushing his bike over a protestor's head. That officer now put on leave. In Louisville, two officers shot and injured. Suspect larynzo Johnson now facing multiple charges, including two counts of first degree assault. Police declining to say whether he was a protester. And tonight, more questions about that search warrant that led the three officers to breonna's apartment the night of March 13th. Authorities have said they believed a former boyfriend of breonna's not living in her home was wanted for trafficking and he was already in custody before officers arrived to her home and drugs were not found in the apartment. The family attorney said the affidavit to get the warrant said the postal inspector's office was inspecting packages to breonna's home as part of the probe, something the postal inspector denies. They were all on duty as extra rsonnel to effectuate the search warrant. They are charging Brett hankson not with breonna's death, but for wanton endangerment for shooting aimlessly to another apartment, breonna's family why charges for shooting at her white neighbors and not at breonna. There was no wanton endangerment charge for bullets that went into breonna's apartment nor were there any charges of wanton murder for the bullets that went into breonna Taylor's body nor were there wanton yn dangerment charges for breonna's black neighbors who had bullets going to their apartment aboveer. Late today the Louisville police union releasing a statement calling the investigation as thorough and unbiased. Sadiqa Reynolds has been here protng for months. With the attorney general's announcement, part of our hope died, our hope that someone finally would see us, would valuous. Tonight Louisville authorities preparing for demonstrations. Please do so in the daylight hours and come out and be peaceful any be heard. We know about the one officer and what's the status of of the other officers not charged? Many are asking are they back on the force? Those two officers are now on administrative leave, they along with four others are now part of an internal investigation to determine if they violated department policy. They could now face termination. David? Alex Perez, we can hear the choppers overhead tonight. Our thanks to you again this evening.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Larynzo Johnson is facing multiple charges for allegedly shooting and injuring two police officers during protests in Louisville, Kentucky, but police declined to say whether he was a protester. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73225810","title":"Cities brace for more protests following Breonna Taylor decision","url":"/WNT/video/cities-brace-protests-breonna-taylor-decision-73225810"}