Country Takes to Social Media Following Zimmerman Verdict

Facebook, Twitter users post emotional responses immediately after court ruling.
2:44 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for Country Takes to Social Media Following Zimmerman Verdict
Strong opinions on both sides. But you are among millions who jumped online. More than 3 million tweets in the first two hours, before midnight, in fact. This evening, that number is far higher. Abc's rob nelson with both sides and some messaging so threaten they weren't up for long. Reporter: It took just seconds inside that florida court -- not guilty. To unleash the court of public opinion. Millions of americans feverishly taking to twitter in a flood of fiery reaction to the zimmerman verdict. At its peek, nearly 48,000 tweets every minute, americans weighing in with outrage. Wow, america, you can just kill any child and get away with it. Also, support. Very happy about the zimmerman case. The sentence was based off laws and rights, not color. How it should be. And calls for calm. I invite us all to pray for the martin and the zimmerman families. Above all, for peace and unity in our nation at this difficult time. That verdict, another cultural flash point revealing a deeply divided digital nation. On one end, relief, conservative pundit, ann coulter tweeting hallelujah, on the other, disbelief. New york giants wide receiver victor cruz, tweeting but later deleting, zimmerman doesn't last a year until the hood catches up to him. But for some like rapper q tip, the verdict seemed almost expected. Can't be surprised, black life has no value in this country. So far there have been 4 1/2 million tweets related to the verdict. That's more than the wake of the newtown school shooting. Tonight #nojustice is still trending. David? Rob nelson on the reaction. Thank you. Now to an intense focus on the jurors. Six women, five of them mothers. I want to bring in dan abrams. Dan, take us inside that jury room. You believe the crucial issue for those jurors was what, the moment? What was going in george zimmerman's mind at the moment that he fired that gun. Was he reasonably in fear that great bodily injury was going to be inflicted on him? Was he in fear that he was about to get beaten up. And if the answer to that question is yes, or even maybe, then that's not guilty verdict. So many of these cases, the civil case comes next. We know that trayvon martin's family could sue. In florida you pointed out that could become very tric. Under florida's controversial stand your ground law, zimmerman can now seek immunity, try to prevent them from even suing him in a civil court. And if he wins that immunity, he could even get attorney's fees from them. So there are definitely some risks here involved in even suing george zimmerman in florida.

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{"id":19664834,"title":"Country Takes to Social Media Following Zimmerman Verdict","duration":"2:44","description":"Facebook, Twitter users post emotional responses immediately after court ruling. ","url":"/WNT/video/country-takes-social-media-zimmerman-verdict-19664834","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}