COVID-19 surges in Texas, Michigan, Utah, Montana

New daily COVID-19 cases have surged nearly 600% in El Paso, Texas, since Oct. 1. Montana is also seeing a record rise. Nearly 1,000 deaths have been reported across the country in one day.
3:03 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 surges in Texas, Michigan, Utah, Montana
You can go to The coronavirus will be a major issue on that debate stage tonight, with deaths rising across the country. Nearly 1,000 Americans passing away from covid in just 24 hours. Tonight, the fda has approved the first drug to treat covid-19. Hospitalizations rising in 40 states, six now hitting record highs. The Billings clinic hospital in Montana doubling up patients and converting offices into covid rooms. Patients on ventilators at the crowded El Paso hospital. And tonight, we remember more than 222,000 lives have now been lost. And also that news from the fda about remdesivir, the treatment for the virus. Doctors have been using it experimentally. Tonight, the fda has fully approved the drug. Here's our chief national correspondent maments Gutman. Reporter: Tonight, El Paso's biggest hospital slammed. They're stuffed four to a room in the icu. Covid patients flipped on their stomachs to help them breathe. New daily cases spiking about 450% since October 1st. The mayor pleading with residents. We need your help to stop the spread. Please stay home when possible. Reporter: The state sending in over 700 medical staff by the weekend, five ambulances and even hospital beds. Covid landing hard in the heartland. Beds filling in Michigan. This E.R. Doctor worries it's about to get worse. I have great fears that we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Reporter: Nearly 1,000 deaths reported across the country tonight, the deadliest day in three weeks. Montana also notching a record number of cases. The E.R. At the Billings clinic is the busiest in the state. What does it mean when you have a dozen waiting for a room? It puts pressure on staff. Reporter: Somehow, manager Brad von-bergen found rooms for them all. But his daily battle against the virus is deeply personal. In July, his sister, his step-father and then his mother became infected. She was brought into the hospital, admitted. As a family, we decided to -- to bring her home. Reporter: And across the country, officials seiko vid is being spread by young adults, crowded in bars like this in Billings. We showed Brad the video. What do you make of that? There's no social distancing. Yeah, it -- it worries me, because what I see there are ten patients. I see people that go to their families and their parents and they pass it on. The pictures from across the country tonight. Matt Gutman back with us. And the fda approving remdesivir as the first official treatment for covid-19? Reporter: It's basically the gold seal of approval, David. It means that the agency recognizes that remdesivir is relatively safe to use and it is effective in smortening the duration of the virus. And that means it can free up more beds at slammed hospitals like the one behind me. David? And a reminder with that snow falling on you in Montana there. Matt, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"New daily COVID-19 cases have surged nearly 600% in El Paso, Texas, since Oct. 1. Montana is also seeing a record rise. Nearly 1,000 deaths have been reported across the country in one day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73772817","title":"COVID-19 surges in Texas, Michigan, Utah, Montana","url":"/WNT/video/covid-19-surges-texas-michigan-utah-montana-73772817"}