Doctor receives new FDA-authorized coronavirus treatment

David Schulz, a doctor who treats COVID-19 patients, received Eli Lilly’s new FDA-authorized antibody treatment, Bamlanivimad, while being treated in Indiana.
2:46 | 11/13/20

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Transcript for Doctor receives new FDA-authorized coronavirus treatment
There's also news tonight on the pfizer vaccine and the vaccine coming from moderna. And tonight, right here, as we await a vaccine in this country, a first look at a promising treatment for those battling the virus right now. Ely lily's antibody treatment receiving emergency use authorization just this week, working to speed up the recovery in some of the most vulnerable patients. ABC's Alex Perez tonight with a first look, as we hear from a patient being given this treatment. Reporter: Tonight, a first look athe new treatment created specifically to attack coronavirus. Researchers taking the most powerful antibody from one of the first survivors and using a synthetically-made version to fight the virus. When the fever came on, I knew things were really beginning to look bad. Reporter: David Schulz is one of the first covid patients in the country to receive Lilly's new fda-authorized antibody treatment bamlanivimab at Clark memorial hospital in jeffersonville, Indiana. Schulz, a doctor on the front lines treating covid patients, tested positive a couple of days just got your infusion. Describe how that was. What happened? They hooked me up to an IV, and they gave me the one hour infusion of the moal antibody. There were no side effects to it. And I'm assured that this is going to speed up my recovery. Reporter: You must begin treatment within ten days of the first symptoms. And after receiving an infusion, patients go home to recover, freeing up valuable hospital space and staff. This is a treatment that can keep them from becoming sick enough to be in the hospital, so it keem out of the health care system. Reporter: But only certain patients are eligible. Must be 12 years or older with mild to moderate symptoms and likely to develop severe illness, including many with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and obesity. It's not for people already in the hospital. Availability is limited. 88,000 doses ready now. 212,000 more expected by the end of the year. Is this the bridge that we needed until we get that widely available vaccine? This is giving us hope, it's given us that ray of sunshine to say we have something that will help patients from getting sicker. Reporter: And from this new treatment for those who have it to the vaccines meant to prevent it. Pfizer says early data shows its vaccine could be 90% effective and may apply for emergency authorization as soon as next and modern not far behind with their vaccine, saying they could be ready to apply by next month. And David, doctors Ross the country are learning more about this new treatment. Right now, along with the rest of us. If you believe you're a candidate for this new treatment, you should contact your doctor or medical provider and they will help. David? All right, we could use some promising news on this front. Alex, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"David Schulz, a doctor who treats COVID-19 patients, received Eli Lilly’s new FDA-authorized antibody treatment, Bamlanivimad, while being treated in Indiana. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74179454","title":"Doctor receives new FDA-authorized coronavirus treatment","url":"/WNT/video/doctor-receives-fda-authorized-coronavirus-treatment-74179454"}