Ebola drugs shows promise against COVID-19

Nearly all of the 113 patients with severe symptoms given Remdesivir and have been taken off ventilators or discharged
2:28 | 04/18/20

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Transcript for Ebola drugs shows promise against COVID-19
In the meantime there's also a race tonight for any kind of treatment that works. The drug already being used. Could it hold promise? One patient saying he showed immediate improvement. He had been on oxygen. After so much talk about another drug, hydroxychloroquine, that study halt in the Brazil. We asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, where does the U.S. Stand on this right now? Here's Alex Perez. Reporter: Tonight, a new report from doctors at the university of Chicago showing a drug, once tested for ebola, shows promise in some covid-19 patients. Slawomir Michalak says he's one of them. He was hospitalized with severe pain, high fever, and put on oxygen when doctors gave him the drug. Then my body start to recover. I had no more high fever. And then from day one, I didn't have -- didn't get any more medicine to reduce my temperature. Reporter: He was home recovering in just four days. Nearly all of 113 patients with severe symptoms were reportedly given remdesivir and have since been taken off ventilators or discharged. Two of the patients have died. Researchers urging caution, saying the report offers a small snapshot of a wider study involving more than 100 locations and shouldn't be used to draw conclusions. The drug just one of at least 30 in clinical trials, including hydroxychloroquine, often touted by the president. I think it could be something really incredible. Reporter: But there are concerns about hydroxychloroquine's safety. A study in Brazil halted after signs of adverse effects on the here in the U.S., studies underway. David pressing Dr. Anthony Fauci on where the trials stand. You had said weeks back that there was no scientific proof that this, in fact, was working. It's a drug mentioned by the president often in recent weeks. Where do we stand on that right now? Well, there are still no clinical trials to definitively show if it works or does not work. There are a number of clinical trials that are ongoing, and hopefully, we'll get an answer to this question that's very much on the mind of a lot of people. Reporter: And, David, officials here say what we're seeing of remdesivir is only partial data. The trial is not yet complete so it's simply too soon to draw any conclusions.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Nearly all of the 113 patients with severe symptoms given Remdesivir and have been taken off ventilators or discharged","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70216117","title":"Ebola drugs shows promise against COVID-19","url":"/WNT/video/ebola-drugs-shows-promise-covid-19-70216117"}