Extraordinary public feud breaks out between Trump and Sessions

The president expressed anger at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, claiming Sessions never took control of the Justice Department.
3:24 | 08/23/18

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Transcript for Extraordinary public feud breaks out between Trump and Sessions
Tonight's other breaking Y, the extraordinary feud exploding between president trump and attorney general Jeff sessions.president angith ions ever S he recused himself the rsia investigation now, lashing laiming Ver took control of the justice department and questioning his loyalty. Sessions pushing back, saying thetment will not be improperly influenced. The twoace to face the white house this afternoon.here's ABC's senior nationa corresent Terry Moran. Orter: After months of denouncing hwn attorney general, president finally nt too far forf sessions. With invesons swirling around his inner circle, he complaineditterly to Fox News. I pattorney general that never took control of the just. Jeff sessions. Never took control of the justice department. And -- it's sort of an incredible T. Reporter: Sessions, the long-suffering Loy sk back sharply. "I took of the department oste the day I was sworn in, which is why we have had unpdented success at effectuating the president's agenda," sessiwrote in a statement. In atous week legal develop, potentially threateng the president, trumpmains furious that sessions recused el overseeing the special counsel's investig He took the job and then , I'm going to re myself. I saidwhat kind ofan is this? And by the he was on the campaign. You know, the only reason I gav him the job, because it loyalty. He was an orig srter. Reporter: Sessions soal for so long has so often get of trump's wrath. The president calling his attorney Gener "Beleaguered," "Disgraceful," "Very ." But to in that written statent, sessions was clear -- "While I am attorneral, the actionhe department of justice not be improperly influency political considerations." But president trump telling fox he thinks politics matters in prosecutions. If yot prident obamhad a massivmpaign violation, but he had a different attorney neral and theywed it differently. You know, we have somebody THA they seem to like to go after a lot of republic Reporter: One top Republican, now a cod felon, Paul manafort, president trump's former campaign chairman, found guilty by a jury this F tax crimes and bank fraud. I have great respect for what he has donerms of what he ne through some of the charges they threw agai him, ever consultant, every lobbyist in wagton probe does. Orter: Theuestion now, will the president pardon manafohis press secretary says he's never discussed it. That't something THAs been up for discussion. I don't havything for you on that. Reporte lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, today sending mixed signals, telling washinost" and "The New York Times" he and trump did discuss it. But denying it in an interview with fox N And terryor joining us liverom thehiouse. Terry,egardless of what the saying about a possible pardon, we know the prest's powero pardon is vast Reporr: It sure is, Tom. And Paul mafort has another ial coming up here in washin, but prent trump does not have T waitor that trial. Just as president Ford pardone prent Nixon before Nixon char this president, any president, can issue a pardon at any time be a trial, after L, before any gesren filed. He's gotull power to do so. Tom? Terry Moran live for us at the whites tonight. Terry, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"The president expressed anger at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, claiming Sessions never took control of the Justice Department.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57368050","title":"Extraordinary public feud breaks out between Trump and Sessions","url":"/WNT/video/extraordinary-public-feud-breaks-trump-sessions-57368050"}