At least 5 fatalities during Hurricane Florence, including baby

A tree fell onto a young family's home, killing a mother and her infant; the father was rushed to a hospital.
4:36 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for At least 5 fatalities during Hurricane Florence, including baby
Here in wilmingt, discovery as we drove through hoods day. Souch destructiohe T down. An in one case, a heartbreaking discovery. The frantic effort tonight to ue those iflorence'sath. Battering the coast. Here in wilngton,eighbors lding eachther. A tree falling ontis home. Te rcue the ree trapped inside. The mother and daughter did N GE the father rushedspital. The firehi telling they had to cut through the tree to get to the ly. Theirefighterwere out here ding the heht storm working this rescue, basically. Very, difficult Rorter:neeling I par am terror they had discovered.rricane force winds at Florence slammed I the as we we on E air. You cases are just cious righno wind gusts reported up to 97 milecoast. Wind gusts at the airport 105es P . In 1958. Look at the sheeount of watealady arrive the eye of Florence isn't even here Y. Whhey're mosconed about is the rain.cted, up T inches of rain. Police cars poued by tind D rain. This roofcollapsing, then carried awaythe winds. The S as highs T fe in trees dowping hundrs of residents in high water. And it'll happevery quickly. Om the higayview of shopping center in the distance. Flickerinhen off. Across town, this parkg lot suddenly in total darkness. Look at this. Twice as Deas minus Reporter: Walt Crayton has been relying on his generator. That is now threatened because of theing water. We about to have to kill th generars it's Abo to be UND water. Look at th order: It'a rator that was bed for a death in Lenoir county, while a resident there was tr tires in. He was elect row cuted. An pty, a woman died of a heart attack. Emergency crews unableget to and spread. These cars crushed. So many livesaffected. And the firefighters and community praying after learning of thing mother baby, very sad andlt scene today.and there ay real worries going into this evening. Flash flooding, possible tornadoes. North calinanor told me bat he's most worried Abou thanks foining us. Iw there are significant coead. Yo dealing with possible flash fing andornadoes a we go into Ourn worry ISAT flooding. With eve, our waters rise, and we'll see siifding into next week. Could be O hri proporons. Reporter: What wouou like to say so many people that evening hour ere's area temptation to go back east vwour property. Do not ay in place. Pell being rescued in coastal norcana. M telling people to stay ware. Don't go back until all-clear. Reporter: Gove, thank you for yr time. We know you're elypplaud T emergency tese state anl thvoeers. Thank you, governor. Lot,avid. Wereciate it. Roy cooper tonight. Let's get ginr zee. You heard W governor the storm obviously V dangeroustonigh he's very worried about the

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"A tree fell onto a young family's home, killing a mother and her infant; the father was rushed to a hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57834126","title":"At least 5 fatalities during Hurricane Florence, including baby","url":"/WNT/video/fatalities-hurricane-florence-including-baby-57834126"}