FDA issues Emergency Use Authorization for convalescent plasma

Vaccine specialists question whether President Donald Trump "bullied" the FDA, while in Florida a judge sided with teachers who sued for unsafe practices of in-person instruction.
2:59 | 08/24/20

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Transcript for FDA issues Emergency Use Authorization for convalescent plasma
Teachers in Florida have won their battle to make sure they're safer before they go back to school. And now questions about whether the president is pressuring the fda over treatment. It was less than a week ago we reported here the fda said con have aless sant plasma therapy was promising. But the head of the fda said this weekend it's ready. Here's Steve osunsami. Reporter: A Florida judge tonight has sided with teachers who were ordered back to class by the governor and then sued. For now, in-person instruction is up to each school board. Today was the first day back for the teacher who took this striking photo of their classroom south of Jacksonville. Students sitting at these desks would not be required to wear in Washington, the president has pushed the fda, and now they're giving doctors the okay to use plasma therapy as emergency treatment for covid-19. He's accused the agency of holding things up until after the election. This is a powerful therapy. Reporter: Less than a week ago, this same fda was saying that this same therapy was "Promising," but "Has not yet been shown to be safe and effective." What happened yesterday is you saw the fda being bullied by the president of the united States. He's trying to now bully the fda into approving a vaccine or vaccines before they've been adequately tested. Reporter: In this exclusive first interview with the democratic ticket, David asked them about a vaccine by election day. On that point of a vaccine, the president has said, we could have a vaccine by year's end and he's floated the idea of having a vaccine by November. Are you concerned at all that he'll announce a vaccine in the days leading up to be election? No, I'm not concerned. I would hope that they'd be able to have the vaccine. Now, most of the medical guys and women I talk to, they tell me that's highly unlikely, to be able to do that. But if god willing it happened, it would be my concern whether or not it will be made available and how it's made available. It has to be thoroughly transparent. And senator Harris, we have seen the disproportionate toll on communities of color all across this nation during this pandemic. If and when there is a vaccine, under your administration, who would get that vaccine first? Well, that's a great point. Because let's also be clear that creating a vaccine and finally having a vaccine is a very different point than people actually being vaccinated. And there needs to be a plan. So that when we have a vaccine, those communities that are most in need will get them. Reporter: A case in Hong Kong tonight has experts talking about immunity. It's a person who was sick with covid-19 who recovered from the disease and then got sick again after 4 1/2 months. They do point out, David, that this is just one case. That's right. A concerning headline and we will track it for sure. Steve, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Vaccine specialists question whether President Donald Trump \"bullied\" the FDA, while in Florida a judge sided with teachers who sued for unsafe practices of in-person instruction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72578790","title":"FDA issues Emergency Use Authorization for convalescent plasma","url":"/WNT/video/fda-issues-emergency-authorization-convalescent-plasma-72578790"}