Food banks prepare to feed many during the holidays amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a food crisis for many families in the U.S.
2:27 | 11/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Food banks prepare to feed many during the holidays amid COVID-19
Finally tonight here we have promised to stay on the families in need during the pandemic. The lines for food and so many Americans across this country who are helping. Tonight, with Thanksgiving just days away, the images, the food across the country, Americans struggling and remember what feeding America told us months ago. I've never witnessed a system being more strained as they are right. Ant tonight -- Hi, David. Reporter: Reminding everybody about the need. Unfortunately the food crisis persists. We're especially concerned about the holidays and the winter ahead. About 40% of the people who are turning to us for help have never before relied upon the charitable food system. Reporter: And right here tonight -- Hey, David. Hi, David. Reporter: The Americans you've met here befonswering the call. The college students STA farmlink. Connecting farmers forced to discard spoiled food and milk with food banks. Hi, David. Reporter: We remember Aidan Riley with 40,000 pounds of potatoes. Doug Hess. I'd like to thank them for helping me. Reporter: Tonight farmlink telling us they have delivered more than 15 million pounds of food and will deliver 1 million Thanksgiving meals. Hi, ABC news. Reporter: East west food rescue too delivering 18 million meals in 19 states since the pandemic began. We are keeping America strong during the covid-19 pandemic. Reporter: Latonya helping to deliver the food. We'll be delivering boxes to different displaced groups of folks that are definitely waiting for this food. All: Hi, David. Reporter: And just in time for Thanksgiving -- 8,000 S for the holiday. It's not just the food, the essential, college students starting give essential for frontline workers. Hi, David. Reporter: Co-founder -- We've been able to raise the equivalent of $1 million in donations for essential workers in all 50 states. Reporter: A nurse in Chicago grateful. I received a wonderful package from donor in California. Bottles of hand soap, huge family size shampoo, I wanted to say this is such a wonderful blessing for me and my family. Reporter: We loved hearing that. Incredible generosity and three grooms if you can help feeding America, farmlink and give

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"The COVID-19 pandemic has created a food crisis for many families in the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74369644","title":"Food banks prepare to feed many during the holidays amid COVID-19","url":"/WNT/video/food-banks-prepare-feed-holidays-amid-covid-19-74369644"}