Fundraising scam?

A couple and a homeless man are accused of concocting an elaborate scheme to rip off generous Americans.
1:16 | 11/16/18

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Transcript for Fundraising scam?
Next tonight, to the couple raising money on go fund me to help a homeless man, and tonight, all three of them are now facing charges. Here's ABC's whit Johnson. Reporter: The epic tale of a homeless veteran's generosity, tonight exposed as an alleged web of lies. The trio entangled at the center of it all under arrest. The paying it forward story that drove this fundraiser might seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, it was. Reporter: So many bought into the story of homeless Johnny Bobbitt, offering Kate Mcclure his last $20 after her car ran out of gas. Mcclure and her boyfriend, mark d'amico, then going public. We were thinking, what if we set up a go fund me for this guy? It's like winning the lottery. Reporter: But the bubble burst when Bobbitt began accusing the couple of using his money to fund a lavish lifestyle. Trips to the grand canyon and Las Vegas. Shopping for high end handbags. Even this repossessed BMW. Prosecutors now saying the couple previously met Bobbitt at a local casino, then staged that photo that led to $400,000 in donations. It worked in a very big way. But it was Fick tigs and illegal. Reporter: Tonight, a go fund me spokesperson says all of the 14,000 people who donated to this campaign will receive a full refund.

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{"duration":"1:16","description":"A couple and a homeless man are accused of concocting an elaborate scheme to rip off generous Americans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59230566","title":"Fundraising scam?","url":"/WNT/video/fundraising-scam-59230566"}