2 GOP members of Congress to self-quarantine

Neither is showing symptoms but both came into contact with someone who has tested positive, and both later spent time with President Trump.
2:54 | 03/10/20

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Transcript for 2 GOP members of Congress to self-quarantine
where president trump spoke moments ago. Coming as more members of congress announced they will some who came in contact with the president in recent days, one, in fact, just today. Traveling with the president. Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida revealing he will be going into quarantine. Is the white house concerned? Here's Jonathan Karl. Reporter: President trump eagerly shook hands with supporters in Florida today, as he downplayed the danger of the coronavirus. But tonight two Republicans who president trump recently spent time with are self-quarantining. Neither of them is showing symptoms, but both came into contact with someone at a conservative conference two weeks ago who has tested positive. Congressman Doug Collins was with the president in Atlanta on Friday. Congressman Matt Gaetz flew with the president today on air force one. And rode with him in the presidential limousine. Gaetz sparked outcry when he made light of the virus by showing up in on capitol hill in a gas mask. But since then, one of his constituents has died and he himself is now under quarantine. Earlier today, the white house press secretary said the president is not personally worried about getting coronavirus. The president of the united States, as we all know, is quite a hand washer. He uses hand sanitizer all the time. So he's not concerned about this at all. Reporter: From elsewhere in the trump administration today, a stark warning. Make no mistake, this is a very serious health problem. Nobody is trying to minimize that. It is a very serious public health threat to the people of the United States. Reporter: But less than ten minutes later on Twitter, the president himself sent a very different message comparing the coronavirus to the common flu, which he noted killed about 37,000 people last year. And he said, with the flu, "Nothing is shut down, life and the economy go on." Adding, "Think about that!" Jon, the president moments ago talking about new steps to help. We're also going to be talking about hourly wage earners getting help so they can be in a position where they're not going to ever miss a paycheck. Whether working with companies and small companies, large companies, a lot of companies so they don't get penalized for something that's not their fault. It's not their fault, it's not our country's fault. That's another concern for families across the country. A serious tone for the president tonight. Reporter: Bottom line, he's saying the administration will work to minimize the economic impact. Saying he's working with congress to get that done. Jon, thank you. Still ahead on "World news

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Neither is showing symptoms but both came into contact with someone who has tested positive, and both later spent time with President Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69493884","title":"2 GOP members of Congress to self-quarantine","url":"/WNT/video/gop-members-congress-quarantine-69493884"}