Great-grandparents join 5-year-old for ‘Up’ photoshoot

Rachel Perman said her son, Elijah, was obsessed with the movie and the family pulled off the photo shoot in 30 minutes.
1:58 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Great-grandparents join 5-year-old for ‘Up’ photoshoot
Finally tonight here, we always try to lift you with America strong, but this boy definitely takes that to a new level. Take a close look at Elijah of Colorado, who turned 5 this month. And if he looks familiar, it's because he's trying to channel Russell. Good afternoon. My name is Russell. Reporter: You see, Elijah is obsessed with the movie "Up." We love it, too. And his mother, Rachel, a photographer, wanted a birthday he would always remember, so, she set up a photo shoot with Elijah starring in his own version of "Up." He loves "Up." He makes me fast forward to his favorite part of the movie when the balloons come out of the house and for his photo shoot, just made sense to do that, because it's what he's been obsessed with for years. Reporter: But that's not all, because in the movie, you'll remember the balloon salesman and his wife, so, in real life, Elijah's great grandparents took on the roles. Glasses and all. When we showed up, my grandpa had gone to the thrift store and he had gotten a brown jacket and my grandma came in a green pants suit like she had seen and so that was a surprise to me, how much effort they had put into it. Reporter: And just look at the joy in Elijah's face. That day, he was just so infatuated with all the detail that my grandpa put into dressing up and he was so excited. He didn't have to tell him to do anything. I just said, hold grandpa's hand and he just kept looking up at him and it was so sweet, like all of that was genuinely my son. Reporter: The images have touched the hearts of so many. I never pictured it would be so touching to the world, you know, I had no idea that this would reach beyond my family and friends. Reporter: But tonight, that smile, those balloons and those great-grandparents lifting us all up. Happy birthday, Elijah, and those

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Rachel Perman said her son, Elijah, was obsessed with the movie and the family pulled off the photo shoot in 30 minutes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"65704452","title":"Great-grandparents join 5-year-old for ‘Up’ photoshoot","url":"/WNT/video/great-grandparents-join-year-photoshoot-65704452"}