Halloween Costumes Treat Americans to Jobs

Made in America costume makers keep manufacturing at home.
1:52 | 10/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halloween Costumes Treat Americans to Jobs
Made in America millions of children asking trick or treat Friday night to tonight our team asking something else about costumes and the answer pretty darn sweet. Tonight across America millions of children getting their costumes ready and we got our question readies. It's one we've asked many times before there was a space news. And now I know I know you're stuck. Up our made in America team fanning out tonight checking the labels on those costumes. About pop why you were New York City. Made in China. Even Elvis no Graceland here made in China in New Orleans. Even this little one having a hard time like us. The pirate princess stone in China our team out in Atlanta to even the cave man not from the stone ages from China. But then we find Alice in Wonderland and it still wonder finally made in the USA. And it turns out the race is on tonight. Sewing machine breaks across this country and it ain't learned that from Savannah Georgia from the lovely designs. Haven't done and Lee and always trying out their made in America costumes. Then there with a little hero cakes and don't tonight in Somerset Massachusetts bought and the new leave there at their superhero pose favor the bulls. Darker America. I gave the that was just been hearing between the Indiana in the 200 back to date her busiest time of the year. Every American pop dimensional so far out of its popular web site Etsy. And lastly about those who looked like it. Where they are still getting ready tonight ironing on those custom letters 101008. The week. Didn't speak to be taking off until this year alone would at Davis first question. He also found something else to suite those costumes. And we worked in mind.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Made in America costume makers keep manufacturing at home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26558794","title":"Halloween Costumes Treat Americans to Jobs","url":"/WNT/video/halloween-costumes-treat-americans-jobs-26558794"}