Hot Pursuit, Paparazzi Push Limits for Photographs

Inside the lives of celebrity photographers, the hunt for top selling shots.
1:37 | 02/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hot Pursuit, Paparazzi Push Limits for Photographs
It turned out to that car crash in Los Angeles typically crash would make the evening news but tonight it's what led to it the paparazzi chasing down another star. ABC's nick -- tonight taking us inside their game revealing how it works how they know where to go to get their shot. Ruthlessly pursued by paparazzi. That's -- Chris brands represented describes -- the aren't be bad boy apparently cut off in traffic the occupants jumped at with cameras. And aggressively for -- And tried to escape down an Alley cut off again he slammed his Porsche in tool Nolan was and paparazzi cannon and -- -- from a hundred bucks to. Hundreds of thousands for -- single trade. Just last month the paparazzi who was killed in traffic trying to snap Justin Bieber Ferrari the forest fatality in a feverish game of cat managed playing -- On the streets of Los Angeles. We -- with copper -- -- Ricardo Mendoza for an opportunity and efficient vehicles. He has a network of informants ballets the reasons as ladies who lunch all on the look at. Cooling incidents where should -- go to Joseph street. And. Actress Jenna -- wife of magic Mike star Channing Tatum is doing yoga. And she's pregnant. Gregory's girlfriend pregnant again soon more photographers arrived he doesn't and old but then tried to the and there she -- all of this for. Minor celebrity doing yoga one. At least Clinton sent and that's why photographers who risk life span late in their lives as well as others to snap -- -- ABC news. -- --

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{"id":18459250,"title":"Hot Pursuit, Paparazzi Push Limits for Photographs","duration":"1:37","description":"Inside the lives of celebrity photographers, the hunt for top selling shots.","url":"/WNT/video/hot-pursuit-paparazzi-push-limits-photographs-18459250","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}