Instant Index: Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo

David Muir reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.
1:24 | 02/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Instant Index: Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo
the "instant index" here on a saturday night. And to what's trending. For "star wars" fans, it's been 36 years in fact since the first we saw hans solo, tonight, growing buzz that harrison ford may be reprising his role. No confirmation from ford himself or from lucasfilm. Which is owned by our parent company, disney. To another image tonight. Nine golfers on the green. Watch what happens. They're all putting at the same time here. Look at this. All nine golf balls going in. They cheered there. They had a little practice. They're studying pga golf management at campbell university, in north carolina. Finally here, to another "play of the day," for a dear friend getting ready to make quite a comeback. Our own john schriffen joining celebrities playing for a good cause and all to welcome back "good morning america's" robin roberts. John tearing up the court at the all-star celebrity game. A spot usually filled by robin, of course a former college basketball star herself, we're all counting down the days. She's recovering from her bone marrow transplant. She returns to "good morning america" this wednesday. And this message from singer monica. No woman stronger. There's no woman more encourage. Robin, I'm happy you're back. Right there with john schriffen. Echoing how we all feel. Don't miss robin's comeback on "good morning america" this coming week.

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{"id":18521955,"title":"Instant Index: Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo","duration":"1:24","description":"David Muir reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.","url":"/WNT/video/instant-index-harrison-ford-return-han-solo-18521955","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}