James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenge in 3D

'Titanic' director uses cutting-edge technology to venture to depths of the ocean where no one has ever gone.
1:46 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenge in 3D
And finally tonight here, this is a man-made vessel and one very deep dive. Director James Cameron premiering a new film tonight in New York, deep sea challenge 3-d, documenting his real life journey to the bottom of the ocean, building his own vessel to get there. ABC's Cecilia Vega now. Director James Cameron is on a mission. Reporter: On a mission to get to the deepest point on planet Earth, the only person ever to go at it alone. It might sound like another James Cameron blockbuster, but this is a real life exploration. This is James Cameron's most ambitious production yet. Reporter: The Oscar winning director in 2012 locked in a one-man sub, just 24 feet long, the space so tiny, he couldn't stretch out his arms. Traveling to the Mariana trudge in the western pacific, he says hunting for clues to better understand our world. His dive so deep, he passed the last placethe sea where light penetrates, so deep it's even farther than the titanic's final resting place, deeper even than the height of Mt. Everest, a seven-mile voyage nearly 36,000 feet to the ocean floor. My feeling was one of complete isolation of all humanity. I can relate. I took a dive with scientists exploring the sea. We're on the bottom of the arctic. Reporter: But while I saw a world teeming with life -- Whoa, it's huge! Reporter: Cameron's world was pitch black, desolate. But what he could see? A whole new frontier. I have seen some astonishing things. Things that fill your soul with wonder. It's great to you wb on a

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{"id":24841415,"title":"James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenge in 3D","duration":"1:46","description":"'Titanic' director uses cutting-edge technology to venture to depths of the ocean where no one has ever gone.","url":"/WNT/video/james-camerons-deep-sea-challenge-3d-24841415","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}