Many Johnson & Johnson vaccines set to expire soon

The company said it is working to try to extend its doses’ shelf life. This comes amid Biden’s announcement that the U.S. will buy 500 million doses from Pfizer to give to poorer nations.
3:13 | 06/09/21

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Transcript for Many Johnson & Johnson vaccines set to expire soon
fourth of July goal? 13 states have reached that benchmark. 70% of adults with at least one dose. At the other end of the scale, six states are at less than 50%. Mississippi, the lowest of all at 44% of adults with one shot. And Dr. Jha with us right here tonight on the concerning delta variant, first seen in India, now the dominant strain in the uk. It's being seen here in the U.S. Already. The doctor here on the big difference on how effective the vaccines are against this variant after one dose and then after two doses of the vaccine. Marcus Moore from Mississippi tonight. Reporter: Tonight, with vaccine demand slowing in the U.S., news that millions of unused Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccines are due to expire at the end of the month. The company, which suffered setbacks in early April due to safety concerns about blood clots in a very small number of women, saying today it is working to try to extend the shelf life of its doses. We still believe that we are going to be very relevant in terms of getting patients vaccinated around the world. Reporter: This coming amid president Biden's announcement that the U.S. Will buy 500 million doses of pfizer to provide to poorer nations. The race to vaccinate in the U.S. Facing challenges even as concerns grow about the highly contagious delta variant first detected in India. That strain now dominant in the uk, with transmission rising amid 12 to 20-year-olds, raising concerns for experts here in the U.S. We're out there really out there and beating the bushes and trying to get people to understand why it's so important for people to get vaccinated. Reporter: On average, about 357,000 U.S. Adults have gotten at least one shot every day in the last week, down 19.7%, far short of the approximately 540,000 needed daily to hit president Biden's July 4th goal of 70%. In Oklahoma, where vaccinations have plummeted, the health department saying it may have to throw out tens of thousands of vaccines. Six states now reporting that half of their adults still have not received at least one shot. At just over 34%, Mississippi ranks last. I'll tell you it's horrifying. Reporter: In the small town of forest, pastor odee Aikens is trying to encourage people to get vaccinated after he nearly died from covid in April. 80 days in the hospital? 80 days. I didn't know whether I was in the world or out of the world. Reporter: And a 2% chance of survival? 2% chance of survive var. Marcus Moore is with us now. We know this fourth of July goal of having 70% of Americans with at least one dose of the vaccine isn't just a goal, authorities say there's an obvious reason for this. A real correlation with what they're seeing as far as new hospitalizations in counties and states where they're not even close to meeting these numbers. And ABC news has looked into these numbers? Reporter: Yeah, that's right. An ABC analysis, David, looked at the counties with the lowest percentages or rates of vaccinations of residents and found that hospitalizations in those areas actually were more than double compared to the counties where they had the highest rates of vaccinations, David. All right, Marcus Moore on the virus tonight.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"The company said it is working to try to extend its doses’ shelf life. This comes amid Biden’s announcement that the U.S. will buy 500 million doses from Pfizer to give to poorer nations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"78183992","title":"Many Johnson & Johnson vaccines set to expire soon","url":"/WNT/video/johnson-johnson-vaccines-set-expire-78183992"}