Made in America: Under the Christmas tree

David Muir highlights what items made in America would look good under the your tree.
2:54 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for Made in America: Under the Christmas tree
Christmas, your one thing. Let's go fishing, rest easier, see clearer, save your children's aurpt. All your ideas. It oos a white Christmas already in the hills of Vermont. Zoom in, and those American workers, 70 of them, hoping you'll buy their one thing. Hi, David, we're the Orvis rod shop. Making fly fishing records. The company founded in 1856. Inside the rod shop, the equipment, the roll tables, the and designer SHAWN combs. So, this year, they're hoping your one thing might be theirs. Fly rods made in Vermont. They're made by hand, made by people. A high five for med that America. And then there was this. Hi, David. Greetings from North Carolina. Reporter: The team at plum print in Asheville. They help turn the artwork, the treasures from your children over the years into something more permanent. A book that will tell story of your child. They fill the box with all their kids' creations and plum print turns it into a custom coffee table book. This year, sales up 50%. Happy holidays! There was also our trip to the design lab, the team at Jen see glasses, made in America. From ally rose van Overbeek and jack burns. It all started when they volunteered to help the Flint water crisis in Michigan. But what to do with all of the plastic? They decided to make eyeglasses out of waterbottles. So, creating jobs and helping people see. Yeah. Yeah. Kind of works out. And tonight, just in time for Hi, David. Ally rose in Flint. They've now made glasses out of 40,000 plastic water bottles. Our first employee just came up on her one-year work anniversary. Right now, we're busy assembing orders and shipping for holiday. The design they open under your tree, the roper. The glasses come in several colors, among them, classic black, crystal fog. Hoping to give you a clearer view of Christmas. Made in America! And tonight -- Hi, David. And the made in America game. I'm step, this is my husband Jimmy. The coauthors of authenticity 50. 100% in America from seat to stitch. Supporting 500 jobs here. From the cotton to the final cut and sew, all of it done here. The sheets cut and sown in north Carolina. The packaging in Illinois. So, tonight, all over this country, from the NYPD -- Made in America. To the Pennsylvania couple, they knew what we were up to. We love your made in America. You love made in America? We do it. We love made in America. Keep your ideas coming. Send them to me on Twitter, Facebook and Don't let your fuel hold you back,

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"David Muir highlights what items made in America would look good under the your tree.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67836944","title":"Made in America: Under the Christmas tree","url":"/WNT/video/made-america-christmas-tree-67836944"}