Michigan officially certifies election results for Joe Biden

Pressure grows on President Trump to concede as states certify election results. The Trump team has lost 30 legal cases regarding election results in the courts.
4:07 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for Michigan officially certifies election results for Joe Biden
Good evening as we come on here in the west tonight it is great to start another week with all of you at home and we begin tonight with the breaking news president trump and his own words in a tweet tonight. The first and certainly strongest signal yet that the transition has now begun from president trump. To president elect Joseph Biden and the new message tonight from BG SA the agency that typically first signals the official transition. Our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl tonight leaving us off with late reporting. Tonight president trump is finally nodding to reality authorizing his team to begin the transition to a Biden administration. The move was made official by the General Services Administration. Which will now provide Biden would more than six million dollars in transition funding and office space in government buildings. The president implied he had signed off on the move tweeting quote in the best interest of our country. And he said he had instructed his team to cooperate as well. That should open the door to classified intelligence briefings for the Biden teem and to access to the White House corona virus task force. But even as he took these steps the president remains on willing to concede. Vowing his case strongly continues. The fact is the president's case is going nowhere. Today Michigan made it official certifying Joseph Biden as the State's winner. Slamming the door on Trump's frantic efforts including his summoning of Republican state legislators to the white house on Friday. To reverse election results in a state Biden won by over 150000. Votes Georgia had already certified Biden is the winner. And Pennsylvania today moved closer to doing the same. As Pennsylvania's Republican senator accused the president of undermining American values. The idea that a sitting president would tried to. I don't know pressure control persuaded. State legislators. To dismiss the will of their voters can elect their own. Group of the lock doors and send them with Electoral College. It's completely inconsistent with any kind of a truly democratic societies. In the courts everything is going boss. The trump team and its allies have suffered some thirty losses the president's lawyers are also under fire for that embarrassing press conference last week. Where attorney Sidney Powell floated a bizarre conspiracy theory she said was hatched by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Who has been dead for seven years. What we're really dealing with here in uncovering more about the day. Is he from massive. Influence of Communist money through Venezuela. It was all too much even for Rudy Giuliani who put out a statement saying quote she is not a member of the trump legal team. But that's her right next to him at the press conference I'm in charge of this investigation with. Sydney and the people you see here trump ally Chris Christie said it's time for the president to pack it in. The conquered the president's legal team has been a national embarrassment. So skip right to Jon Karl would have city has new reporting as were on the air here in the west tonight and John back to the president's own words and that we tonight because they were significant. Given how much he's fought the outcome of this election thirty lawsuits he said from the president and his allies thrown out so why now. Well look it's a belated recognition that it's over the options are are are truly over and even some of the president's most fervent supporters. Are saying it's time to give up it's time to acknowledge the obvious Joseph Biden is the president elect and David I think you're right the significant thing here. Is that he seems to be also saying he's ready to do those intelligence briefings and coordination with the crown of Irish task force one other point. Members of the president's a Secret Service that detail. Have gotten request at least an offer from the the Secret Service headquarters asking if they would like to be permanently moved. Reassigned to West Palm Beach which of course would mean. To be tomorrow lot of what the fourth soon to be ex president downturn toward Jon Karl with the late reporting forced to.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Pressure grows on President Trump to concede as states certify election results. The Trump team has lost 30 legal cases regarding election results in the courts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74369526","title":"Michigan officially certifies election results for Joe Biden","url":"/WNT/video/michigan-officially-certifies-election-results-joe-biden-74369526"}